Welcome to Geocities Gateway to my home server

My home server hours of operations mostly everyday. Sorry not a active commercial server:)

As this is a home server, I can't promise you that it will always be on and available. As a homesite there shouldn’t be much activity on it, and so I am naturally suspicious of hits on my server that I do not feel represents a genuine public interest.

If you think you have a problem with spam take a look at mine... These are spams that were sent to other by others then to me as if I sent them, either because of a errors possible email fishing or a spam filter caught them. The paper clips represent attached computer viruses(bots). This print out is for Saturday 1:00pm to Sunday 1:30pm only! There are 143.

Here are a few places you may want to go:

I should warn you that in some cases when you go to a section you will only see a directory. I tried to select names for files that represent the content. In sections such as, the member's listings and group areas, you'll see icons next to each of the items. The earth icon is a public site location. The earth icon with a padlock superimposed is a private section requiring username and password to access. In some cases such as the civil suit you will want to go directly to the private section. I'm not offering e-mail at this point so the letter with the red cross on top of it indicates that. All members have access to their website for their edification. This includes my opponents in the current lawsuit.

No one has permission to change the group areas. If I find edifications in any of the group areas the offender will be deleted.