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The RIG 103, Recruiting Information Guide, was developed over a number of months. During this time the RIG members spent countless hours following Alabama recruiting. Recriuting became an outlet for the frustrations that came from our teams 4-7 season. However, in recent years, a more seasoned head coach, expanded offensive playbook, and nationally ranked classes of recruits, have brought the Crimson Tide back respectability. Another SEC championship, two wins over Florida, and a first victory over hated auburn at Jordan-Hare made 1999 was a great way to exit the century.

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RIG 103 would like to thank the numerous sources from media guides and Sports Illustrated to other Internet Sites such as BamaOnline and other personal sites. We feel this is a fine collection of Alabama information and pictures and we would like to give thanks and credit to those whom have aided in our journey.


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