Robbie Genealogy
10 July 2007
Robbie Surname/Geanology Web site.

Hello All.

If you happened upon this site, I'm glad that you retained the link or found us in the search engines

As most of you Robbie researchers may know, the Robbie web page was up and going strong for almost 10 years and back in 2002 it came down due to my military obligations and has been down ever since. I'm hoping to rectify that in the near future with bigger and better things now that I have some free time available again. My wife and I have decided we have made our last move (please quote me on this) so this is it for us.  Will see how it goes or if there is still interest in Robbie Geneology.

I can be contacted at the e-mail address to the left. I'm a bit rusty on the research aspect so please bear with me while I get my data back in order and back in my head.

When the page goes back up, I am looking for suggestions on what might be interresting for everyone so feel free to drop me suggestions.

Many Thanks for visiting
Mark Robbie
(Robbie Researcher)

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Name: Mark Robbie