Win32 Program disassembler

This Win32 disassembler for exes and dlls (i.e. PE) was written by me.
The program works in console mode and uses the command line option:

        disassem yourfile.exe > yourfile.txt

This is my win32program disassemble version 0.1(93K), and its source(618K).
This is my win32program disassembler version 0.23 (66K), and its source (103K).
This is latest win32program disassembler version 0.25 (87K), and its source (142K).
This is disassembler with 3dnow (76K) instruction set added. October 17, 1998.
Win32 Disassembler(v0.23) is portable to Linux. Refer to readme file of source.

This is Pentium II instruction set table(17K).

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