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Patented Cytokine Immune System Booster,
Anti-Tumor, Pre-Surgical Treatment
Multikine Receives P3 Green Light From FDA
Journal of Clinical Oncology Publication
Multikine Receives US FDA Orphan Drug Designation

Multikine and Cholesterol
Multikine and SARS/West Nile Virus patent
Multikine Head/Neck Tumor reduction slides
Multikine Presentation @ AMEX Conferencer
Dr. E. Tramont-NIAID/NIH on HPV/Multikine
Multikine Backgrounder

L.E.A.P.S. / CEL-1000
Heteroconjugate, directing immune response
CEL-1000 - Immuno-stimulatory vaccine adjuvant
Recent Patent Approval, full text
LEAPS and Autoimmune Myocarditis
LEAPS and Herpes
CEL-1000 and Navy/Malaria Project
CEL-1000 and Viral Encephalitis

L.E.A.P.S. Backgrounder
CEL-1000 and Smallpox
CEL-1000 and bio-terror agents
CEL-1000 and Genital Chlamydia
CEL-1000 Oral Formulation Project
CEL-1000 as vaccine adjuvant 
Apoptosis: Cell Suicide

Patented synthetic peptide, multi-clade
effective HIV vaccine candidate. (W=World) 
HGP-30W Backgrounder

(Project currently shelved due to lack of funding)
HGP-30W vaccine
Dr. Sarin on HGP-30W
HGP-30W Vaccine Graphic

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Immunology, cancer, and misc. links
Immune System Basic Primer
Immunity and Cancer 
Immunotherapy Overview
Biotech Graphics Gallery
Graphic: How a Cell works

Always do YOUR OWN research.
Biotechnology 101: Basic Stocks Investing
SEC/Internet manipulation case
Stock Chat Boards 101
Board Basher Basics
Biologics, approval process, and patent law
Recent H & N cancer articles, archive
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