MacCorkill's Scottish - USA Memorial to Sept 9-11-03

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A Tribute to Our Troops and Allies, Great Britain and Australia. Our Medical Related Force, Our Firemen and Our Policemen
for their heroic work on 9-11 and their continuing efforts for us.

In memory of all who died or were injured in the terriorists attack on the USA, and to all those firemen, policemen, doctors, nurses, any medical workers, and everyone who went to help in this situation as well as those who supplied them with necessary food and equipment, and especially to our Allies: Great Britan and Australia - we weep and we thank you.

In the greatest appreciation of our Military Men and Women, who are fighting for us, defending us, and unhappily, many are dying for us and our country, and may God go with you; hold you close; in the palm of his hand, and the love of his heart.

Now, to all those who contracted anthrax and to those who administered to them (medical persons).


God Bless America and our Allies


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