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Original Septs of Clan Gunn

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Original Ancient Septs:

Enrick -- Galdie -- Gallie -- Ganson -- Gauldie -- Gaunson -- Georgeson -- GUNN -- Henderson -- Inrig -- Jameson -- Jamieson -- Johnson -- Kean -- Keene -- MacCorkill -- MacCorkle -- MacCullie -- MacIan -- MacKames --MacKeamish -- MacKean -- MacMains -- MacManus -- MacOmish -- MacOomas -- MacRob -- MacWilliam -- Mangus -- Main -- Mann -- Manson -- Manus -- Neilson -- Nelson -- Robinson -- Robson -- Robison -- Sandison -- Swan -- Swanney -- Swanson -- Will -- Williamson -- Wills -- Wilson -- Wylie -- Wyllie.

(This list contains only the "original" members of Clan Gunn, not names added due to marriage, or added at the whim of a commander, etc., only the original names.

(All Mac's and Mc's mean "son of" so they are spelled in lower and uppercase letters so that you can see the spelling). Some clans are not capitalized after the 'mac' and that is due to the name not originating with their birth. I'was their father's name.

All names with 'son' somewhere within the name, is Norse for "son of".

MacCorkill and MacCorkle are from the Viking name Torquil (one of 'Leod of Leod's' sons, its meaning is "Thor's Kettle").Leod was ruler of parts of Skye, Harris, and several areas on the shore of the West Coast of Scotland. A Gunn daughter married a Torquil, thus bringing the name MacCorkill into the clan.

Happy hunting - hope you find your clan. A close spelling should be looked into as many records were verbal and whoever wrote them down may have changed the spelling. The area that your ancestors came from is the telling fact, because their are MacCorkills and Gunns in the Hebrides also.

We have still another theory, a history by Mark Rugg Gunn, a medical doctor, who has died within the recent years. While Dr. M.R. Gunn trieds very hard to make a case for his history, written at the express desire by Clan Gunn - the Lord Lyons has not terminated the Olaf the Black history in favor of any other. So, you best bet is the Olaf the Black History.

Clan Gunn sells Mark Rugg Gunn's book and profits by it. I think that tells us why they want it to be accepted.

Author, Poet,
Clans Gunn, MacLeod and Keith (Marshall) & &
Historian of the Ancient Clans of Scotland


During imigration of our forefathers into this country many spelling changes took place, some changed the name completely from the original. This was sometimes due to the fact that Highlanders did not read or write, and records keeping was at the mercy of the immigration officials. Also, many immigration officials removed the Mc or Mac from the names. If your name sounds like one of the above names but is now spelled differently please contact me and I will help you or connect you with one of the many genealogist that are connected to this topic..... for you still may have found your home.

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