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~~{Sconemac and Skyelander}~~

These sites are dedicated to Scottish and Celtic People all over the world. Although a sept of Clan Gunn, and MacLeod, MacCorkill (and various spellings) can form their own sept meetings, and if they become large enough, can have a separate group within Clan MacLeod, much as MacCoqurkindale (and other spellings). They were permitted their own tartan and with the permission of the Lord Lyon, we may also have our own.

We Intend to form a LARGE MacCorkill Sept, (with all variant spellings) if we have enough people, and we think we do have.-- Korkle, Corkle, Korketil, Corketil, Corketil, Corkill, MacCorkill, MacCorkle, MacCorkle, MacCorkill, MacCorkell, MacCorkle, MacKorkill, MacKorketil MacKorkle, MacCorrill, MacCorquodale, MacCorqindale, Torquill, Torqil, and various variant spellings of the son of Torquil or Thorketil, whose father was Leod son of Olaf the Back, of Norway, King of Man and the Isles.

If you have a variation of this name, and you are Scottish, please
Or....fill out the following form and send to Nancy as per instructions below.


I am interested in the Clan MacCorkill Sept. I have read in the history of MacLeod of Lewis
and Clan Gunn, where both these septs names are members and believe that I might
have more in common with Torquil than I thought. Please send me information on
MacCorkill (and various spellings) , and how to join the family.

Copy the form below in your mouse, put it in an email, fill it out and send it on the email form below.






Names will be collected with your email addresses. NONE will be disclosed to anyone but myself. These names will not be sold either for any purpose whatsoever. I like my privacy, and I respect yours.


After we become sufficiently large enough, I will send each member the following:

Each Member will be provided with a Clan History of both aforementioned Clans, and MacCorkill family Card, with ID
Information on what Clan MacCorkill Sept is working on in regard to becoming its own
MacLeod/Gunn sept,
Please fill in the form and become a family sept member,and be informed of what the group is doing. We will have gatherings, picnics, Burn's Night functions and fun, fun, fun!!! Let's get together cousins. This is a non-profit organization

No money is requested at this time, and not in the future unless we have plans that everyone agrees to.

A Non-Profit Organization formed to promote the members descended from Torquil,
registering with Lord Lyons Office and getting a (Torquil) Tartan.
MacCorkill means son of Torquil, Chief Roderick of Clan MacLeod of Lewis and a sept of Clan Gunn (who has no chief.)
We have a "great" red tartan.(MacLeod Combined Clans)

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