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(The Morrighan)

Crow - an aspect of the Morrighan. She confronted CuChulain on his way to the last battle as a Washer of the Ford. She likewise appeared as a harbinger of death to King Cormac. A supernatural woman or demon who frequented places of battle; regarded by some as a 'battle goddess'.

The Celtic goddess of war, who, according to Evans Wentz in The Fairy-Faith In Celtic Countries, incorporated the three goddesses Neman, Macha and Morrigu in a single form, that of a Royston or hoodie crow.

The mythology has declined into folklore, and a crow perching on a house is often the form taken by the Banshee or 'fairy woman'. The narrative of the battle of Moytura (q.v.) in The Book Of Leinster gives one of the most vivid descriptions of the activities of Badb and her attendant spirits.

Nancy M. MacCorkill, F.S.A. Scot
Author, Poet
Historian of Ancient Clans of Scotland
Sources: MacCorkill's own writings,
Celtic Folklore a Compilation printed in Scotland- no author
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