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I know this is not in Scotland, but it is mysterious, is it not?.....Scone

Mystic Scotland

A land of snow-topped mountains and dark mysterious glens, of lonely loch and sparkling burn, of empty road and twisting track, where every corner is steeped in history, myth and legend. It's a land, too, at ease with tales of the supernatural, where the spoken word still survives comfortably alongside the written account.

The wild country that makes up the county of Sutherland in the northern part of the Highlands is a good place to start looking for eerie stories and tales of the unknown - if you've the nerve.

Of course here, during the last century, the land was cleared of its people to make way for the more profitable sheep. Much of that tragic period in Highland history, known as the Clearances, was centred on this area, which accounts for its strange emptiness today. It was also here that the last witch to be burnt in Britain met her agonising fate. Does that perhaps say a lot about the area?

Second Sight

The ability of some people to see spirit creatures,future events and even coming death - the curse or gift of "Second Sight" as it's known - is accepted as part of the 'old Highland way' of life, even though frowned upon by the Church. Many of the stories old and new which abound, told and retold and changed in the telling no doubt, have that psychic element to them and a seeming preoccupation with death.

The Black Stagecoach

Take the black stagecoach pulled by four black horses seen on a number of occasions at tiny Kilmote, near Portgower. The phantoms race down a hill and vanish at the gates of the nearby cemetery. Local people know their appearance means someone in the area is shortly to die.

Or what about the crofter returning home from the field and, passing a neighbour's house, hears a strange rumble, like the sound of falling stones. He thinks a wall has collapsed so he checks the drystane dykes, but everything seems fine. The strange noise leaves him feeling uneasy so he tells his wife when he gets home. Next day they're shocked to learn the neighbour has been drowned.

Strange Little Man

Strange lights, lots of them! The strange dancing lights, for example, seen at a cross-roads at the spot where a short time later a young lad on top of a hay cart falls and breaks his neck. Of course, the lights are never seen again.

Then there are the sightings of a strange little man, again a warning of either death - or an eviction. He was described as being about the size of a large doll, wearing a jacket and a red hood and sometimes a red cloak!

Then there are many stories of strange half-human creatures, such as the water kelpie...

Here's a good one to finish on, and this one happened only a year or two back. Three cars passing the same lonely cottage one night. There's two people in the first car and they think there's a window or something open, for there's a terrible draught blowing. Same thing happens in the second car as it passes the cottage. Again there are two people in the car and they stop a little further on but there's nothing to account for the draught. But there's only one man in the third car and a door flies open as he passes the mysterious cottage and he's sure someone is sitting behind him. But he's too terrified to look, even in the mirror. Eventually the panic-stricken driver makes it home and dashes safely inside. And feeling more than a little foolish, out he goes next morning to examine his car. To his horror, he discovers a jagged line of scratch marks stretching from the headlights right across the body to the back - as if someone, or something, had taken a claw or a hand to his car!

Mysterious, aye!

More to come.......

Lady Nancy MacCorkill.,F.S.A.Scot
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