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by Nancy A. MacCorkill, F.S.A.Scot

" T'is herself, aye !

A quick definition of my book: My Scottish Internet Book, is made up of individual sites (or pages), each holding their own story, article or information; which when viewed consecutively, creates a minibook or magazine.

There are 125+ sites so far and growing toward ?? pages. It is my desire to make every one of them interesting to Scottish and Celtic people around the world. Each full of: information; some articles authored by me; Clan Histories; Celtic Folklore; Faery Tales; Scottish Culture & History; History of the Kilt; History of the Tartan; History of the Clans; Braveheart; Standing Stones; Mystic Scotland; Robert Burns Poetry; Celtic Articles; Highland Clearances; Genealogy Help Page; Poets Corner (my poetry and that of guest poets); my Clans MacLeod, Keith and Gunn specifically; Clan Histories of others; Arbroath, Satire Flag, Lion Rampant Flag, Our Declaration of Independence from England, and why we fought England, Dunvegan Castle History; The Story Behind the Faery Flag of Dunvegan; Folklore; Mythology; Scottish Weapons; The story behind "The Thistle", All Things Scottish and Celtic and much, much more. The true Druids, and Celtic Priestess' and religion. I "hope" they will be so interesting, -- you will not want to miss a single page!

My decisioon to put up this web site, came about in 1996 and the reasoning being I had seen so many people in the USA seeking information on Scotland, it's history, traditions, toasts, clans, information and "all things Scottish". I heard and saw these people being told misinformation and many people giving out information and withholding much information, I know not their reason. I felt the Scottish Americans should have a place to get the "correct" information and I decided to do this for them, non-profit at least until this year, when I must take on some ads to help pay for this huge site. To my Scottish American friends, it is free and I hope I have helped you, in some way to become closer to your roots and to feel you can come to my site and VIEW almost anything you would like to know. If you do not find it, please let me know of the subject and I will try to get the information for you, if I don't already have it.

I hold the honorary title of Lady, which was given to me by the East, Northeastern and Midwest Scottish Societies, who gave it to me in appreciation for my work: in advancing "All Things Scottish"; for performing as a Highland Dancer, (Scottish Highland Official Board Certified and Certified USA Highland Dancer) in earlier years, ..... and teaching Highland Dancing in later years; also for the many articles I have authored for them and for publication. By my birthright, I seldom use this title, preferring to be (proudly) and simply a Scotswoman.


My Internet Book is dedicated to my son Robert, with love and great affection. He has seen me through some rough passages in my life......always encouraging me. He is a terrific man and is a diligent Historian and Chief Writer for several Scottish and Celtic Web sites in Scotland, as well as in the USA.

Thanks, Robert!, for being you. I dedicate this book to you.

Nancy A. (Gunn) MacCorkill, F.S.A. Scot
Author, Poet
Historian of the Ancient Clans of Scotland,
Clans Gunn, MacLeod of Lewis, Marshall (Keith), Wallace;
families: Randolph (Bruce); Browning; Dean; and Chattan.

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Author, Poet
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