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A few of my friends. I hope you love them as much as I do.

First, lets go with John Joines...the man that makes my everyday worth living.

This is John and me at New Year's Eve 1997. John is a Scorpio, typical in all ways...he he he. Lucky me. He is kind, supportive, and loving, everything I have always wanted, and ran from my whole life. He has studied theology extensively, and is quite religious and filled with the Spirit of God. I love this about him. He is so wonderful, I could write volumes about him; but I will keep each section as brief as possible. John's personal website to come soon.

Sonny Smith

He is a great friend and someone I will always have to talk with, and share my life with. I have enjoyed every moment I have ever shared with this fun-loving and easy-going spirit. He is laughter and silliness. Sonny presently lives in Saltlake City, Utah, and is working on moving to Austin. He works in construction, woohoo!!

Chip Gohm

(no current pic available)

Chip, not his real name, and he would kill me if I told, heheh. Chip is my sweetheart. He brings the poet out in me. He is my counselor and my place of safety. He is way too serious sometimes though *ducking*....heheh!! He is lots of fun to hang out with and he is always a good listener, when he isn't working on Avatars. He lives in Maryland and is presently looking into moving to Austin as well.

Jon Cody Kirk

Jon and his better half..

Jon is way toooooo much fun. He is like my other half, we are so alike it is scary, although he has the temper....heheh. Jon is a wonderful man with a huge heart, mind you, it is behind a gigantic impenetrable wall...Long story, but I'm sure the right guy could bring it down with one act of true love. Look out guys, he is all that and more. Jon lives in Birmingham, Alabama. Wouldn't it be great if he moved to Austin too?

James Callaway

What can I say...hmmm...James is way too handsome and a wonderful person to hang-out with and just be yourself.  James lives in Austin. He is like a brother (except I have a total hard-on for him). He is fairly new in my life, even though we have hung out in the same groups and clubs for years. It took a while to get together, but now that he is in my life, he is here to stay.

James, a.k.a. Karl Osborne III

James is my little cutie from Oklahoma City. He is sweet and one of the horniest people I know.....ha ha ha!!! He is a ISP support tech.. He has the greatest personality and out-look. He can cyber anyone to orgasm like no one I know...heheheh, he is going to kill me.

Mark H.

Mark, what can I say? Mark is sensitive and sweet. He lives in  California. He is a writer and comedian....heheh. He is cool to talk with, but has a tendency to fall in love way too easily, comes from having a heart the size of Alaska. Mark is intelligent and caring, a great combo. He will make some lucky person a great hubby some day.

Mike Lax

Mike is way too cool, he lives here in Austin with his partner. They are the local leaders for the Radical Faeries, if they could ever have leaders. Mike is a great guy, I have yet to meet his other half. Some day I hope to be invited to one of their Faerie events. (hint hint)

Polly Ann Shepler, a.k.a. Maddie

Isn't she the loveliest thing you ever saw?

Polly Ann, is like my little sister, we could even pass for close relatives. She and her husband, Greg, live in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. "Maddie" is Palace-o-holic, which is where I met her, Jon Cody, Chip, and Sonny...If you don't know what the Palace is, check it out. http://www.thepalace.com


More to come....in fact, I have way too many friends...and so little time to dedicate to them all.



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