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These facts were taken from"The Encyclopedia of the Cat" 1999 Calendar.

Many more people are likely to be allergic to cats than to dogs because of their sensitivity to a protein in the cats' saliva and skin.  Cats are naturally hygenic animals and cover their hair with saliva as part of their fastidious grooming routine.

A unique and curiously appealing aspect of the cat's behavior is its ability to relax into deep sleep at will.  Cats sleep and average of sixteen hours a day.  Just why cats sleep so much is not yet properly understood.

Cats communicate subtly and successfully with other cats but less so with us.  Often, cats ask us "questions" and give us commands by using vowel sounds.  The associated body language is alert and confident.

It's important to ensure that your home provides a safe enviroment for your cat.  For instance, most cats will want to chew on houseplants, so avoid toxic ones.  Provide grass in pots or non-toxic plants such as the spider plant for safe chewing.

Nature has equipped cats with heightened senses.  A cat can detect the faintest high-pitched squeaks of a mouse or the rustle of tiny movements.  Its protruding eyes give your cat a wide angle of vision and superior peripheral vision.  They have twice as many smell-sensitive cells in their noses as we do.
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