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Send someone a cyber card for any reason at all. For a
bevbcake.gif (349 bytes)Birthday or just to say hello.
Congratulations for abevstork.gif (1895 bytes) new baby or a new job would be nice too.

bevheart1.gif (4940 bytes) Valentines Day beveaster.gif (1926 bytes) Easter bevdaisy.gif (15959 bytes) Mothers Daybevgolf.gif (17012 bytes)Fathers Day

bevwitchmoon.gif (6426 bytes)Halloween, bevcornucopia.gif (552 bytes) Thanksgiving, bevwreath.gif (544 bytes) Christmas

These are just some of the holidays that would be a great time to send a cyber card.

Check out what's going on in Arizona, go to an auction or

go grocery shopping right in the comfort of your own home. It's great.

Come to my bevredlinks.gif (648 bytes) page for alot on interesting things.

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