Smooth Sound Productions
X Factory Recording Studio

Musical Production And Recording in The Washington, DC Area
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New Video Production
Special Events
*Music Production Customized to The Artist (Any Style)

* Compositions * Re-Mixes
* Cover Tracks

* Digital Hard Disk And ADAT Recording Facility

* Great Gear From Leading Manufacturers Like: Mackie, Alesis, MOTU and More.

*  Automated Digital Mixing

* Digital Editing, Digital Mastering, and CD burning

Mackie 24X8
Niche Automation Station

Alesis ADAT
MOTU 2408 Hard Disk Recoring system
Tascam 302 dual cassette recorder
Tascam Da-30 DAT recorder
  Yamaha 4416s  CD Recorder.

Mics/Pre Amp

Marshall MXL V77 Tube
AKG C535EB Studio Condenser
Shure SM58
Shure SM57
ART Tube mic pre-amp


MOTU Digital Performer Sequencing
Adaptec Jam Red book CD Mastering
Bias Peak CD Maximizing

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