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Welcome to Guitar Masters. Here you will find an assortment of informative and educational guitar related subjects. We welcome your comments and suggestions to improve and/or expand the site. Guitar Masters is constantly being update with new and interesting material. Stop by as often and as frequently as you choose. Thank you for your participation. Perry W. Terhune

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Currently Guitar-Masters is divided into twenty two 22) sub-sections. A review and recommendations for each section is provided below. Please address comments directly to Perry W. Terhune. A detailed technical review is provided on the menu page of each sub-section. 

  • Masters Profiles 
  • Players I
  • Players II  (New) 
  • Guitars I
  • Guitars II  (New)
  • Portraits in Jazz 
  • Guitar Links 
  • E-Mail - Comments 
  • American Folk Tunes 
  • System Tutorials 
  • Newsletter
  • Chord Diagrams 
  • Scale Studies 
  • Arpeggio Studies 
  • Substitution Studies 
  • Technique Studies 
  • Jazz Charts 
  • Reading Skills
  • News and Events 
  • Music Theory
  • Triad Studies  (New)
  • Octave Studies (New)
  • Masters Profiles                          

    The Masters Profile section presents a tribute to guitarists, current and past, that have provided positive significant contributions to the craft and art of professional guitarists. A brief biography is included with a selected image of the guitarists. A pre-programmed search for available recordings is also provided. Currently 18 world class guitarists are profiled within this section 

    Great Players I and II                    

     Popular and rare images of numerous artists are presented to Guitar Masters' users. Several selections include multiple images. This section is updated on a weekly basis including the most current material available. Users may contribute photos or jpg images for display in this section.

    Great Guitars I and II                    

    A wide selection of popular and historic guitar images are presented within this section. Users may contribute photos or jpg images for display within this section. Several rare guitars are displayed for your pleasure.

    Guitar Links                                   

    Guitar Masters provides direct links to a variety of fine and valuable Internet sites. In addition, ten popular manufactures are represented on this page. Direct links to the selected home page offers instant access to these fine organizations.

    Portraits in Jazz

    This unique collection, of mainly black and white photography, represents a 75 year span of jazz history. This material is made available to generate and stimulate developing artists. 

    American Folk Tunes

    As an aid to understanding our musical and historic past this collection provides a wide selection of popular American Folk Tunes. All arrangements can be downloaded and printed at the user's convenience.  Please note, the entire collection is available, free of charge, to public and private school systems.  Contact for details and assistance. 

    E-Mail - Comments                        
    This section provides a convenient utility to communicate directly with Guitar Masters. The facility utilizes the user's default mail program. Guitar Masters encourages users to communicate new ideas and suggestions. Questions and comments will be addressed directly back to the user, with as much detail and information available at that time. 

    Chord Diagrams                              

    The Chord Diagram section provides a comprehensive review of modern guitar chord diagrams. Basic diagrams through complex professional level structures are illustrated. Diagrams are constructed utilizing MS PowerPoint presentation techniques and are converted into jpg images for display. These presentations can be printed for easy frequent access.

    Scales Studies                                 

    Three levels of guitar scales are presented for review and printing. Two basic levels, one moderate and one advanced page support this section. In addition, three octave scales are presented. Advanced octave positions available for presentation and printing. Scales to scale and scale to arpeggio studies are also presented.

    Arpeggio Studies                            

    Three levels of guitar arpeggios are presented for review and printing. Two basic levels, one moderate and one advanced page support this section. Connecting arpeggio to arpeggio and arpeggio to scales are also presented. 

    Substitution Studies                  

    This section provides a comprehensive review of modern chord substitution. These studies are provided in three levels: basic, moderate, and advanced. A complete fingerboard diagram is presented for review and printing. Substitution theory covering Chord Structures and Scales/Arpeggio studies are provided. 

    Triads Studies 

    Triads are the building blocks of all chords.  This ten part series examines triads from basic forms to extended modern forms.  Scale patterns are presented for additional study.

     Octave Studies 

    Used today by many popular jazz and rock guitarists this technique was poularized by Wes Montgomery in the late 1950s and 60s.  Tthis section offers a well rounded review that includes basic forms, scales, and arpeggios.

    Technique Studies                         

    In the Technique area Lower Neighbors diagrams and 7th-9 (diminished) selections are available. These are advanced studies for aspiring professional guitarists. Passing tones and fills are also available. In addition, a routine for daily warm-up is presented.

    Jazz Charts

    Guitar Masters offers, free of charge, an expanding collection of popular and jazz arrangements. These arrangements are presented to illustrate the various techniques and studies contained with the Guitar Masters site.

    Music Theory

    Guitar Masters is proud to present this unique perspective of Music Theory to our user population. The section will continue to grow and evolve into a complete summary of essential theoretical, practical, and professional studies. 

    Reading Skills                         

    Guitar Masters offers this unique perspective of reading standard documentation to our user population. This section will continue to grow and evolve. 

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