tabtitl.jpg (22626 bytes) <BR> <FONT size="2">CONTINUED<BR> </FONT> </p> <P align="center"> <b><font color="red"><span style="font-size:14pt;">Friday, April 22, 2005</span></font></b><b><span style="font-size:14pt;"></span></b></p> <P align="center"> <b><font color="red"><span style="font-size:14pt;"><u>Site Reconstruction News</u></span></font></b></p> <P align="center"> <span style="font-size:14pt;"><font color="black">I am currently developing our <u>new </u>site and it will be ready quite soon.</font></span></p> <P align="center"> <font color="black"><span style="font-size:14pt;">I hope you will enjoy it. If you have any ideas and tips for the site, please leave a message in the forum. I would love to hear from you.</span></font></p> <P align="center"> <b><span style="font-size:14pt;"><font color="black">The new &nbsp;web address is:</font></span></b></p> <P align="center"> <b><font color="red"><span style="font-size:14pt;"><a href=""></a></span></font></b></p> <P align="center"> Thank you, Susan Stanley.</p> <P align="center"> <A href="taber2.htm"><IMG src="images/taber.gif" alt="A picture of Gladys Taber." border="0" width="129" height="166"></A> <P> <FONT color="#A80036" size="5" face="Amazone BT">Gladys Taber </FONT><FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">wrote straight from her heart. She had that magical ability in her writing to share her world with you, so you're not just reading her books, but sharing with her, her life in the country throughout the four seasons of the year, her problems, her challenges and her joys. </FONT> <P> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua"><IMG src="images/stilmsign.gif" alt="Stillmeadow sign" align="left" hspace="4" vspace="4" width="109" height="160"></FONT><FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">At Stillmeadow you put in your own garden, tend it, then enjoy eating food grown with your own hands, of canning and freezing it for the winter ahead. You lovingly cut your own flowers and make comparisons with those grown by your neighbors. You meet the tradesmen, farmers and friends who call at the farm and you learn their fascinating stories. You share the thrill of discovering early American antiques; learn the secrets of New England cookery. Above all else, you have the privilege of visiting leisurely with her and all the unusual guests who have the habit of dropping in at Stillmeadow Farm at all hours and from all sorts of places. </FONT><FONT color="#003700" face="Book Antiqua"><BR> </FONT> <P> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">You are introduced to every one in the village, romp with the most lovable and mischievous group of dogs ever to chew a guest's hat, or win an occasional blue ribbon at the local dog show. There is never a dull moment during your year at Stillmeadow, and when you leave you know that you will return again and again, because it is no further away than your favorite chair. </FONT> <P> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">Mrs. Taber wrote with a warm and earthy humor, laced with wisdom and lovingly tied with a mature faith in God and humanity. Once you meet her and have shared with her her thoughts on life, you will feel uplifted and see life with a different outlook. It just isn't possible to do justice to her Stillmeadow books with this general description, because they have a spiritual, lifelike reality which only comes from reading them and of joining in with her personally. </FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">Go straight to your bookstore and order one of them, or look in used book stores or libraries. You'll see, once you get to know her, you will not want her books to end.<BR> </FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#A80036" size="5" face="Amazone BT">Gladys Taber's&nbsp;</FONT><FONT color="#003700" face="Book Antiqua"> </FONT><FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">books speak of serenity; the delight in the day's tasks; the companionship with dogs and cats; the pleasures of nature in the seasons' round; the appreciation of books and music; the friendship of people; the deep and abiding conviction of the author in the essential goodness of life.<BR> </FONT> <P align="center"> <IMG src="images/taberviol.gif" alt="taberviol.gif (1576 bytes)" align="center" width="33" height="40"> <P align="center"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">She died on March 11, 1980, in Orleans, Mass; on Cape Cod. She was 81 years old.<BR> She continued writing up until her last days and left the following poem as her epitaph;</FONT> <P align="center"> <A href="tabertribute.htm"><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>TRIBUTE PAGE<BR> </STRONG></FONT></A><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua">This requires a Java capable browser<BR> </FONT> <DIV align="center"> <CENTER> <TABLE border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#FEF8D8" bordercolor="#FEF8D8" bordercolordark="#FFF7AC" bordercolorlight="#FFFEF4"> <TR> <TD bgcolor="#F5F8F1" bordercolor="#FEF8D8" bordercolordark="#FFF7AC"> <P align="right"> <FONT color="#0000FF" size="3" face="Arial"><STRONG><IMG src="images/bird.gif" alt="Bird 2" align="right" hspace="0" width="37" height="31"></STRONG></FONT> <P align="center"> <FONT color="#432E56" size="4" face="Amazone BT">When I am gone<BR> I beg no fanfare;<BR> Indeed I shall not be there.<BR> So no tears need be shed. -<BR> They will not bring to me<BR> Rock Harbor sunset<BR> On a burning sea<BR> Or Amber's purr-song, nor yet<BR> .Wild geese waking me at dawn..<BR> For I shall be dead -<BR> Then greet the new day<BR> Pretending I am not away.<BR> </FONT><FONT color="#FF0080" size="3" face="Amazone BT"><BR> </FONT></TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> </DIV> <P align="center"> <STRONG><IMG src="images/tabergline.gif" alt="tabergline.gif (6437 bytes)" align="center" width="275" height="49"></STRONG> <DIV align="center"> <CENTER> <TABLE border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <TR> <TD align="center"><FONT color="#61437C" size="5" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>Introduction to Stillmeadow</STRONG></FONT><FONT color="#FF0080" size="6" face="Amazone BT"><STRONG> </STRONG></FONT><FONT color="#FF0080" size="3" face="Amazone BT"><BR> </FONT><FONT color="#432E56" size="3" face="Book Antiqua">From Stillmeadow Seasons, 1950.<BR> </FONT></TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> </DIV> <P align="center"> <A href="images/STILLMEADOW2.GIF"><IMG src="images/th_stll2.gif" width="185" height="120"></A><BR> <FONT color="#432E56" size="2"><EM>(Click to view full size)</EM></FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" size="2"><EM><BR> </EM></FONT><FONT color="#A80036" size="6" face="Amazone BT">&nbsp;&nbsp; </FONT><FONT color="#432E56" size="3">F</FONT><FONT color="#432E56" size="3" face="Book Antiqua">rom</FONT><FONT color="#004000" face="Book Antiqua"> </FONT><FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">my desk I can look out through the old bubbly glass panes in the window. There are twelve panes above, eight panes below, and it is very hard to wash clear to the corners of them. But since the house was built around 1690, I can only be thankful that the old windows were never ripped out.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">I look out past the great sugar maples that overshadow the little house, and on to the meadow and the hill where we planted the Christmas trees. The bottom of the meadow is a wild tangled thicket, half swampy, and there grow the wold cranberries and the dark wild iris and at the edge the wild red grapes with their sweet musky flavor.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">Pheasants flash up from the meadow, and the rabbits and woodchucks live there, and the little velvet field mice, and now and then a secret otter follows the course of the hidden brook. The deer do not venture so near the house, but sometimes a red fox streaks up the. hill</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">We have lived here more than fifteen years, but a lifetime is too short to experience fully the beauty of the meadow, for every day it has new loveliness, new wonder to discover.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">And yet it has not changed much, although I can mark how the young thicket has grown. We have left it to its natural existence and that is why, perhaps, it symbolizes to me the security we seek in a world highly unstable and changing.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">The rest of our forty acres more or less has, indeed, been a little changed. The old orchard lost a few trees during the hurricane of '38, and thirteen came down in the back yard. The woodland has more fallen limbs, and the cliffs are overgrown. The baby fruit trees in the flowering lane are large and sturdy and have flowers in spring, and once we had two seckel pears and three sweet apples! The plum tree did begin to bear just as it got some kind of disease and had to be cut and burned.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">During the war, we turned over all the arable land to our neighbor, friend, and mainstay, George, and cabbages and corn and tomatoes and potatoes and cucumbers and squash grow thriftily where the Indian paintbrush and black-eyed Susans and daisies and violets and wild strawberries spread their delicate beauty.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">Finally we began the farm pond. This, in a way, is a restoration, for there was a pond there once where the brook runs along the lowland, but the brook had been choked and lost itself in a swamp. When the great steam shovel was lifting the black loam up and making a steep hill of it, George stood looking thoughtfully at it. &quot;That's all the land from my upper fields,&quot; he said. And it is.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">The pond is eight feet deep, provides swimming in summer, skating in winter, fire protection all year round, and a place for fish to grow. The banks, set with wildlife planting, help birds through the cold seasons.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">In our part of the country, nobody is ever quite sure where the boundaries of the land are. Old fences, long since gone, or gray rocks, or a certain dead chestnut tree, or a brook which may have changed its course, these mark the edge of one's property. Now and then a surveyor may scramble around a day or so and deliver an expensive piece of paper, but the farm folk go right back on using the woodland or picking the grapes where they always have, and this is as it should be. We do not own the land, the land owns us. The survey we had when we wanted to turn over land to George for his house was like a Christmas present, for it turned out we had considerably more than forty acres, enough to let William, George's brother, have a house too.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">Once in a while I try to picture what life in the country might have been if George and William had not lived right across the road, and then I know the main thing in buying an old house in the country is to settle near good neighbors. The natives on our valley are not the quaint folk so many writers talk about; the only quaint folk around here are the few city week-enders, and some of them are quaint enough for any fiction.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">When we bought Stillmeadow, it was on a purely emotional basis. I knew the minute I set foot in it that this was the house I belonged to. I had no remotest idea of whether it was sound, and a good buy, and would be easy to live in. We never even looked in the well to see whether there was any water in it or not!</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">It was winter, and we had to walk down the road up to our knees in icy slush. There was the little white farmhouse under the great spread of the maples, and there was the worn doorsill deep with snow, and inside there was a great fireplace, blackened with the smoke of a century. Old iron kettles rosy with rust hung from the heavy crane.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">Actually the house was in terrible shape. Renters had let the plumbing fixtures freeze, cracked bowls and burst faucets were upstairs and down, the wallpaper was stained, and the plaster fallen from some ceilings. the floors were patched with old cigarette tins. Debris sifted over every room; one wonders where all the old rags and broken bottles can come from !</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">There was a furnace, flaking with rust, and a cracked boiler, an ancient sink propped on unsteady legs, and rats had spread their ruin everywhere.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">Climbing the steep stairs, we had to be careful not to fall through into the cellar.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">We didn't have any money for repairs either. Taking on the mortgage was an act of rash courage; the down payment scraped the bottom of the barrel.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">But the house spoke to me.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">So we moved in and began to learn how to put on wallpaper without having it fold back on us, how to patch plaster and not get duck soup from it, and various other skills.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">Now, as I look back, I often think of all the people who lived and loved, were happy or sad, those who were born and those who died in this house. For there is a continuity of living if your house has sheltered its own down the long sweep of years.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">In our turn, we have cherished it, warmed it, and it offered us days rich with contentment. It has given us back-breaking hours of work and the satisfaction of tangible results from our work. It has given us fire on the hearth on long evenings, spring sunlight through the windows, cool moonlight on the doorsills in autumn.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">This is a small house, but wide enough for fifteen cockers, two cats, an Irish setter, children growing up, friends who drop in overnight and stay three weeks.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">The story of our life is written in the white tulips set in the Quiet Garden, in tomatoes ripening on the vine, in puppies bouncing through the great snowdrifts. It is inscribed with the scent of dark purple lilacs, the satiny touch of eggplant, the swift falling of golden leaves.</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">As seasons come to our gentle valley, Stillmeadow is always our personal adventure in happiness.</FONT> <P align="center"> <STRONG><IMG src="images/tabergline.gif" alt="tabergline.gif (6437 bytes)" align="center" width="275" height="49"></STRONG> <P align="center"> <FONT color="#432E56" size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>Through the Year<BR> at<BR> </STRONG></FONT><FONT color="#432E56" size="5" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>Stillmeadow<BR> </STRONG></FONT><FONT color="#FF0080" size="1" face="Arial Rounded MT Bold"><STRONG><BR> </STRONG></FONT><IMG src="images/book3.gif" align="middle" hspace="2" vspace="2" width="60" height="65"><BR> <BR> <FONT color="#432E56" size="2" face="Book Antiqua">Monthly entries from Gladys Taber's books.<BR> </FONT> <TABLE border="4" cellpadding="2" bordercolor="#D0AFE9" bordercolordark="#D0AFE9" bordercolorlight="#E4D2F2"> <TR> <TD bgcolor="#DEC6EF" bordercolor="#C69DE3" bordercolordark="#BF94E0" bordercolorlight="#D9BEED"><A href="tabermay.htm"><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>MAY</STRONG></FONT></A></TD> <TD bgcolor="#DEC6EF" bordercolor="#C69DE3" bordercolordark="#BF94E0" bordercolorlight="#D9BEED"><A href="taberjune.htm"><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>JUNE</STRONG></FONT></A></TD> <TD bgcolor="#DEC6EF" bordercolor="#C69DE3" bordercolordark="#BF94E0" bordercolorlight="#D9BEED"><A href="taberjuly.htm"><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>JULY</STRONG></FONT></A></TD> <TD bgcolor="#DEC6EF" bordercolor="#C69DE3" bordercolordark="#BF94E0" bordercolorlight="#D9BEED"><A href="taberaug.htm"><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>AUG</STRONG></FONT></A></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD bgcolor="#DEC6EF" bordercolor="#C69DE3" bordercolordark="#BF94E0" bordercolorlight="#D9BEED"><A href="tabersept.htm"><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>SEPT</STRONG></FONT></A></TD> <TD bordercolor="#C69DE3" bordercolordark="#BF94E0" bordercolorlight="#D9BEED"><A href="taberoct.htm"><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>OCT</STRONG></FONT></A></TD> <TD bgcolor="#DEC6EF" bordercolor="#C69DE3" bordercolordark="#BF94E0" bordercolorlight="#D9BEED"><A href="tabernov.htm"><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>NOV</STRONG></FONT></A></TD> <TD bgcolor="#DEC6EF" bordercolor="#C69DE3" bordercolordark="#BF94E0" bordercolorlight="#D9BEED"><A href="taberdec.htm"><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>DEC</STRONG></FONT></A></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD bgcolor="#DEC6EF" bordercolor="#C69DE3" bordercolordark="#BF94E0" bordercolorlight="#D9BEED"><A href="taberjan.htm"><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>JAN</STRONG></FONT></A></TD> <TD bgcolor="#DEC6EF" bordercolor="#C69DE3" bordercolordark="#BF94E0" bordercolorlight="#D9BEED"><A href="taberfeb.htm"><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>FEB</STRONG></FONT></A></TD> <TD bgcolor="#DEC6EF" bordercolor="#C69DE3" bordercolordark="#BF94E0" bordercolorlight="#D9BEED"><A href="tabermar.htm"><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>MAR</STRONG></FONT></A></TD> <TD bgcolor="#DEC6EF" bordercolor="#C69DE3" bordercolordark="#BF94E0" bordercolorlight="#D9BEED"><A href="taberapril.htm"><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>APR</STRONG></FONT></A></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <P align="center"> <STRONG><IMG src="images/tabergline.gif" alt="tabergline.gif (6437 bytes)" align="center" width="275" height="49"></STRONG> <P align="center"> <FONT size="4" face="Book Antiqua">Site Menu</FONT><FONT size="6" face="Amazone BT"><BR> </FONT><FONT size="1" face="Book Antiqua">Click arrow for drop-down menu. 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This page is for those of you who would like to have your name and e-mail address placed together on a page. If you would like to include a favorite quote or short passage from one of her books, you are most welcome. Just e-mail me and please state which book it is from. </FONT> <P align="center"> &nbsp;<STRONG><IMG src="images/tabergline.gif" alt="tabergline.gif (6437 bytes)" align="center" width="275" height="49"></STRONG> <DIV align="center"> <CENTER> <TABLE border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <TR> <TD></TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> </DIV> <P align="center"> &nbsp; <BR> <FONT size="2" face="Book Antiqua">The music you are listening to is, Vissi D'arte by Tosca</FONT> <P align="left"> <FONT color="#432E56" face="Book Antiqua">I would be very happy to receive input, ideas and criticisms and more information about Ms. Taber. If anyone has something they would like to to add to this site, please let me know.</FONT> <P align="center"> <A href=""><FONT color="#003700" size="3" face="Arial"><IMG src="images/maildovefly.gif" border="0" width="80" height="52"></FONT></A> <P align="center"> <A href=""><FONT size="3" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG></STRONG></FONT></A> <DIV align="center"> <CENTER> <TABLE border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <TR> <TD><!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan --> <FORM action="" method="post"> <TABLE border="2" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" bordercolor="#D0AFE9" bordercolorlight="#D0AFE9" bordercolordark="#D0AFE9"> <TR> <TD><TABLE cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" bgcolor="#DEC6EF" &lt;tr> <TR> <TD align="center" nowrap colspan="2" bgcolor="#7b427b"><FONT size="-1" face="arial" color="#f1e8f9"><B>The ICQ Online-Message Panel</B></FONT></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD align="center"><FONT size="-2" face="ms sans serif" color="#362545">Sender Name:</FONT><BR> <INPUT type="text" name="from" value="" size=15 maxlength=40 onfocus=""></TD> <TD align="center"><FONT size="-2" face="ms sans serif" color="#362545">Sender EMail:</FONT><BR> <INPUT type="text" name="fromemail" value="" size=15 maxlength=40 onfocus=""> <INPUT type="hidden" name="subject" value="From Your Web Page"></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD align="center" colspan="2"><FONT size="-2" face="ms sans serif" color="#362545">Message:</FONT><BR> <TEXTAREA name="body" rows="3" cols="30" wrap="Virtual"></TEXTAREA><BR> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD colspan="2" align="center"> <INPUT type="hidden" name="to" value="9966231"> <INPUT type="submit" name="Send" value="Send Message">&nbsp;&nbsp; <INPUT type="reset" value="Clear"></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD align="center" nowrap colspan="2"><FONT size="-2" face="ms sans serif">&nbsp;<BR> <A href="">My Personal Communication Center</A>&nbsp;&nbsp; <A href="">What is ICQ, Download</A> <BR> <A href="">Create Your Own ICQ Message Panel</A></FONT></TD> </TR> </TABLE> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <P> <FONT face="ms sans serif" size="-2">Use of the ICQ Dispatcher is subject to <A href="">Terms and Conditions</A></FONT> </FORM> <!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan --> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> </DIV> <P align="center"> <FONT face="Book Antiqua">Or,<BR> </FONT><FONT color="#362545" face="Book Antiqua">Want to see If I'm online</FONT><FONT color="#362545" size="4" face="Book Antiqua">?<BR> </FONT><FONT face="Book Antiqua">Page me on ICQ<BR> </FONT><A href=""><IMG src="images/pagersm.gif" alt="pagersm.gif (1443 bytes)" border="0" width="40" height="26"></A> <P align="center"> <!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan --><FONT face="Book Antiqua" size=2><B> <A HREF="" target=_parent></A></B></FONT> <CENTER> <A HREF="" target=_parent>Do You Like This Website?<BR> Click here to Recommend-It (tm) to a Friend or Colleague!<BR> <IMG SRC="images/lilbut.gif" WIDTH=141 HEIGHT=42 BORDER=0></A> </CENTER> <!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan --> <P align="center"> <FONT face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG><BR> </STRONG></FONT> <P align="center"> <BR> <FONT color="#362545" face="Book Antiqua"><BR> </FONT><STRONG><IMG src="images/tabergline.gif" alt="tabergline.gif (6437 bytes)" align="center" width="275" height="49"></STRONG> <P align="center"> <A href="taberdiana.htm"><FONT size="2" face="Book Antiqua"><STRONG>A TRIBUTE TO DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES</STRONG></FONT></A> <P align="center"> <FONT size="3" face="Arial"><!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan --><A HREF=""> <IMG src="//" BORDER=0></A></FONT> <P> <!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan --> <P align="center"> <FONT color="#432E56" size="2" face="Book Antiqua">Webpage design by</FONT><FONT color="#000000" size="2" face="Book Antiqua"><EM> </EM></FONT><A href=""><FONT size="2" face="Book Antiqua">Susan Stanley</FONT></A><FONT color="#000000" size="2" face="Book Antiqua"><BR> </FONT><FONT size="2">I created this background, matching title graphic and decorative bar especially for this site.<BR> Please do not take.&nbsp; Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999. </FONT><BR> <BR> <!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan --><A href=""> <IMG src="//" border= "0" height="33" width="90" alt="Email Service powered by MailStart.Com"> </A><!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan --><IMG src="images/tidaward.jpg" alt="tidaward.jpg (8469 bytes)" width="230" height="91"><A href=""><STRONG><IMG src="images/Pspbutn2.gif" alt="PainShopPro" border="0" width="88" height="38"><!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan --><!-- BEGIN WEBSIDESTORY CODE v1.2. 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