updates (12/30/2001)
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This year's new year's resolution: to update more often! ^^;; Welcome back, minna-san! Once again, I've gone a ridiculously long time between updates, but, also as usual, it's a big one, including over 40 new pieces of fanart and a sort of new site, Stoke no Fanstuff! See What's New for full details.

For those who don't know, the little white dude is Daniel-Dream from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. I didn't realize it when I was putting this layout together, but he's the perfect...person? god? personification of an action? to represent the possibility of renewal and rebirth that comes with this time of year. I'm not planning any kind of major renaissance for this page over the next twelve months, but I'd say this is a pretty auspicious coincidence, neh?

Virtual Stoke pages and content Stoker1439. Biker Mice, Sailor Moon, Trigun, etc. copyright their respective owners. Looks best lying on your back making snow-angels, or in anything but AOL, 800x600.

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