Welcome to my "Koi pond" where you never have to feed the fish!

San Diego Koi Club Judges Awards

My fish swim on hand painted decorative plates, Christmas ornaments, document and picture frame glass, Ostrich eggs, glassware and other one of a kind items. And for you show managers out there, your winning exhibitors will be amazed to receive one of these beautiful hand painted items as unusual awards. As awards or personal gift giving, the person receiving any of these will remember you every time they look at it.

I created the 15 Best in Variety awards that were given out at the Midwest Pond & Koi Society 2007 Fall Show, Aug. 4-6, at the Darien Sportsplex in Darien, Illinois. The club ordered 15 hand painted Ostrich Egg Koi Ponds and I was told they were the best awards ever. My hand painted items have also been given out as Judges Awards at several other shows in 2007. I found nice feedback from the winners on www.koishack.com in one of their forums.

Here's a single view of one of my Ostrich egg creations.

Click here to see some more views of this and other eggs.


I have a few 11" and 8" crackle finish plates with Koi swimming on them. Unusual and beautiful to look at, they are also one of a kind and hand painted and signed by me. If purchased as an award, each plate will have a round label on the bottom to record the date and type of award that it represents. If purchased by an individual the label is different and suitable to write a greeting to the person receiving it.

Click here to see three more.


Please take a look and let me know if you would like to discuss ordering any of my items. Everything is one of a kind and the pictures on this page are a representation of what I do. Items on these pages are available unless otherwise specified or I can paint to order. I need at least 24 days lead time for any item painted with enamels, ie: plates, glassware, picture frames. They need that long to dry properly. Add 4 days for each additional item.

Plates, mailboxes all glassware are painted with enamels. Ornaments are acrylic and are usually ready to ship the day after I finish them.

I also create one of a kind picture frames in many styles and sizes. The glass is painted on the outside with enamel paints for durability.

Here's an example.

Click here for more picture frame images.


I like little accents that people don't expect to see, like switchplates in your home. These are in my house and made of wood. Most homes have metal switchplates with rectangle cutouts which I also paint (enamels). You can send me your switchplate or give me the size. Price for 2 fish is $21, 3 fish $27 plus the cost of the switchplate. Shipping is $2.50 to continental U.S. addresses.

Here'a a sample of one of the switchplates.

Click here to see some others.


My hand painted Christmas Ornaments make great inexpensive gifts for the Koi lover in your life for an even better gift for yourself. They are only $16 each and are nice year round gifts if the person you're giving them to loves their fish like I do.

Here's a sample of the ornament page.

Click here to see some hand painted Christmas ornaments.


How about the ultimate "I have Koi and you don't" item. A hand painted sturdy steel rural mailbox with 5 beautiful Koi swimming to the top to feed. Put it out on the street or next to your pond to store those Koi treats inside and away from the squirrels.

Here's a picture of the ONLY ONE I have for sale at this time.

Click here to see my other views of my handpainted rural mailbox.


I have a few stained glass panels which I designed and made....patiently, piece by piece. Here's a Kohaku and a small Orenji swimming among some water plants.

Click here to see my stained glass panels featuring Kohaku and Tancho Koi.



I also paint on rocks, make paper mache' cats(little ones I call "Cat Bumps", draw Beanie Babies portraits for little kids rooms and I used to collect Beanies for my grandkids. They're all grown up now so if you're looking for any older Beanie Babies I may have them. None are "authenticated" as that cost a fortune but I bought most of them new at stores in my area.

The first and third pics above are "Cat Bumps", paper mache' kittys you never have to feed. These are the last 2 I will probably make. They are $45 each and stand about 6.5" tall. Shipping is $4.60 by Priority Mail. The center pic is a colored pencil drawing of a Beanie Babie. It and many others are available to purchase from $35 each. Shipping is included in the price. They are not framed or matted. All origional artwork and signed. Perfect for a baby's room.


I have a very few painted rocks left. The largest ones I still have are pictured below. The kitty weighs about 10.5 pounds, is about 6" tall and 8" wide. She is painted all around and signed. Price is $95. Shipping is $10 to continental U.S. address.

The racoon weighs 18 pounds, about 7" tall and 10" wide and painted all around. Price is $65. This is an indoor racoon but you could make it an outdoor item by putting a couple of coats of spar varnish on him. Shipping is $10 for this one too.

No longer available but I'd like you to see them anyway are the little longhair below and the Siamese.


Just a short note of appreciation to my Aunt Bernice. Without her support and encouragement I would be unable to pursue the things that make this site possible. Thank you Auntie.

If you read this far I thank you. I don't have a "shopping cart" for you to use so you will have to email me or call my home phone. My phone number is 630-964-9604. If I'm home I'd love to talk to you, if not please leave a message, I WILL CALL YOU BACK. My name is Sharon May and I live in Downers Grove Illinois for the last 34 years and if you or your club needs references just ask.

Would you like to drop me a note? I'd love to hear from you. My email is stoneturtleart@hotmail.com

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