spider The moment I discovered the Web, I fell in love.
A new and exciting world opened up and
I simply couldnt get enough of it

The Shack was first constructed way back in July '97
by a 53 year old, crazy redhead,
who had just discovered
the "Web"
Paint Shop Pro 5
the Geocities Neighborhood
where you could put up a free web page
(my address was 2563 West Hollywood Heights).

Life in cyberspace was much different then.
There were no shopping sites to speak of,
or financial sites,
no Amazon, or Barnes and Noble,
and basically life was simple!

You didn't have to be afraid of having your identity stolen
or opening an email to find it had a virus in it...!!!
People were connecting in a totally different way,
sites sprung up everywhere,
and we all marveled at just how cool this New World was!

This little corner of cyberspace has provided me
with lots of opportunities
to meet some great neighbors,
learn a lot of really neat new things,
broaden my horizons, and expand my creativity

YES I am addicted to this web
and am so thankful for my cyberworld

ladybug The Shack is undergoing a major house cleaning.
The spider webs cleaned from the corners
and the mice,hopefully, have taken up residence somewhere else!!

Some of the new pages still aren't complete
so please be patient while I work feverishly to get them done

These are the pages that need work:
Adventures,Tattoo,and In Memorium.
Adventures has at least six pages so it is kind of a major job
this subject wasnt included in the orginal site
so has to be started from scratch!

I hope you enjoy your stay here
and remember the coffee pot is always on
and The Shack door is always open!!

Be sure to leave a note in my guest book
or drop me an email to let me know you were here!!

Since I love designing web pages,
be sure to visit my other sites
listed on the side menu
You can check out my Blog too if you so desire