Hi, I'm Tamsen

Animated Flowering Vine
Welcome to my Virtual Home

The architects have finished the design, but the builders haven't completed construction.
We're just getting the foundation laid. Please be patient & don't forget your hard hat!

Here are a few pictures of me and my family. Check 'em out!

I also have a picture of my Self-Portrait.

I have many interests, some of which are:
Science Fiction
Size Acceptance

Until the dust is settled, you can E-mail me at piquant@ix.netcom.com

Please let me know if your Browser has trouble with any of my code, and I'll try to fix it.
I welcome feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions.
Keep in mind that everything within these pages is merely my opinion. YMMV...

I'd love to have you sign my Guest Book!
Or see what other folks have had to say

Please come back soon.

Updated on 01-21-2008


 Ivy Vine

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