In Loving Memory of My Triplets

Conrad Grant Carter

Dec 26, 1996 - Mar 9, 1997

Michael Kenneth Carter

Still Born Jan 5, 1997

Emiliegrace Lucia Carter

Jan 5, 1997 - Feb 13, 1997

Conrad Grant Carter came into this world at 24 weeks + 3 days gestation, weighing 1lb 6oz- he developed Cereabral Palsy, Hydacephalus, Epilepsy and Chronic Lung Disease - He was the first of my triplets to be born and the last to leave me. He died on Mothering Sunday at 4.45am (9/3/97)

Michael Kenneth Carter was alive and functioning well all the way down to my pelvic bone - where the trace moniter lost his heart beat. He never took a breath outside my body but he let me know he was there all through my 25 weeks and 5 days gestation with him and his sister. (Stillborn 5/1/97 - weighing 1lb 7oz)

Emiliegrace Lucia Carter - The precious little girl I had longed for all of my life, came into this world healthy and alert. She weighed 1lb 10oz and was the healthiest of the triplets. She developed Necrotizing Enterocolitis on 29th January 1997 and subsequently died on Thursday 13th February 1997.

The triplets may not be with us now but the fun, smiles and love they gave us during their short lives will stay with us forever. They made both their father and I so proud of them No adult would have suffered through what they did, and they always did it with dignity and a smile.

My precious bundles of joy are altogether in heaven, creating havoc and playing with their toys. They look down on their father and I through a constallation of 3 stars. Each star seemed to appear after each child died - that is our children in heaven showing us they love us.

Until we can hold and play with you all again, take care and do not put your Grandparents through too much.

We held your hands for such a short time, but your hearts we hold forever.

We love and miss you all

Mummy and Daddy xxx

Michael and Mummy - stillborn but still loved and cuddled.

Our beautiful Emiliegrace, stubborn and strong and made us very proud.
She gave up on life when the going had been tough for too long.

Our precious hunky chunky almond, Conrad, the most beautiful baby in the whole world
who could make you smile, laugh, cry and angry all at once because of his cheekiness.

My beautiful babies are no longer with me

I didn't wipe their tears, they didn't sit on my knee

They didn't see the sun, the stars or the moon

They came all too quickly and were taken too soon

Conrad, Michael and Emiliegrace

Are up in the clouds, in a wide open space

I look upon their life as a blessing I was given

But God, I'm afraid, can never be forgiven

Mother's Day Christmas and the New Year

Will always be remembered with a little tear

But never will I forget their beautiful eyes

Their wonderful expressions, their smiles and their sighs

Sleep well my loves, may peace surround your hearts

May the love you have known be only ours

Sleep well my babies for I may have lost you know

But you will always be with me somewhere, somehow

As Daddy and I grow old and grey

We will never forget that wonderful day

When a family of six we once became

We will never forget you, even through the pain

So sleep well, rest tight and be forever at peace

The nursery is quiet and turn slowly the geese

The toys lay still Triplet I, II and III

Be forever in our hearts, be forever with me.

Written by Mummy on the day of Conrads death March 9th 1997

Read at Emilegraces' funeral but adapted for the triplets - Author unknown:


In a baby's castle just beyond my eye,

My babies play with angel toys that money can not buy

Who am I to wish them back into this world of strife?

No, play on my babies, you have eternal life

When all around is silent and sleep forsakes my eyes,

I'll hear their tiny footsteps come running at my side

Their little hands caress me so tenderly and sweet,

I'll breathe a prayer and close my eyes

And embrace them in my sleep

Now I have a treasure I rate above all other,

I have known true glory I am still a mother

~written by Melissa Carter
In Memory of her children, Conrad, Michael and Emiliegrace

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