In Loving Memory of

Joshua Steven Venglarcik

Noah Robert Venglarcik

May 22, 1998

Joshua and Noah's dad is a runner & he ran his first two marathons this past year; he chose to bury his finisher medals with our sons because they are his finishers. Rick composed this poem during a long run at Seashore State Park (Va Beach) the day after our sons died.

They Ran Ahead

Run joyfully together
Along streets of gold.

Which never looked upon this world
What first you saw
Was the face of God
As you crossed the finish line ...
While we remain to run behind.

We met
For but a moment
At the beginning of the race.

So swift of foot
You simply pulled away ...
Charging Heavenward into the Father's arms.

We'll meet you at the finish
And there
Hand in hand
Give glory to His Name.

Until that day you run with me always.


Joshua & Noah, We love & miss you.

Dad, Mom, and big sister Michalah

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