In Loving Memory of

Toby Wayne Peppers
5.3 oz.
Death: May 21, 1997
Still Born: September 22, 1997

Samuel Todd Peppers
7 lbs. 3 oz.
Born: September 22, 1997
Death: September 22, 1997

These are my favorite pictures of Todd and "Big Brother" Austin.

I adore the look of love and amazement on Austin's face.

You can tell how much he loved and wanted "our babies"

People don't understand how Toby was so small and Todd was a healthy birth weight.

When Toby died at 22 weeks gestation, I had to keep carrying Todd for as long as possible.
I carried him for 37 weeks. The boys were born together on September 22nd.

This is Austin, Britt and me at the graveside the day of the funeral.

September 27, 1997

This is a picture of my husband taking off feet and hand prints made from both Toby and Todd at the hospital. You can't make out Toby's in the picture because they were so small. His whole prints were about the size of an adult fingerprint.

This is a picture of Toby's and Todd's casket...on it is a quilt my mother made.
She cross-stitched it. I believe she worked on it almost through my whole pregnancy.

Here are some of the flowers that friends, relatives and co-workers sent.
Everyone was extremely thoughtful. Thanks.

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