Husband: David DERDEN
   Born: 1780             at: Chesterfield Co, SC   ???
Married: 1799             at: Possibly Perry Co., Alabama
   Died: 1850             at: Perry County, Alabama
 Father: James DEARDEN
 Mother: Sarah "Sally" BOBBITT
Other Spouses:
   Wife:  Elizabeth
   Born:      1783        at: SOUTH CAROLINA
   Died: Living 1860      at: Henderson Co, TX with son James Age 77
Other Spouses:
1. Name: Mary W. DERDEN
   Born: c 1805  SC
Married: 23 Mar 1826 Perry Co, Alabama
   Died: after 1880  Perry Co, Alabama
Spouses: Jesse B. NAVE
2. Name: George Washington DERDEN (64)
   Born: 1807             at: Chesterfield Co., South Carolina
Married: 11 Nov 1830      at: Lowndes Co., Alabama
   Died: 1873             at: Ennis, Ellis Co., Texas
Spouses: Harriet ABERCROMBIE
Children:  James Monroe DERDEN  b. 1835 AL  d. 1872 Henderson Co, TX
3. Name: Sarah Wade DERDEN
   Born: 31 May 1814
Married: 27 Jul 1835 Perry Co, Al 
   Died: 13 Jan 1880 Farmersville, Union Parish, Louisianna. 
Spouses: Redrick Parsons BRUTON
4. Name: Martha G. DERDEN
   Born:  c 1815
Married:  8 Jan 1829 Perry Co, Alaba
Spouses: Napoleon Bonaparte GOODGER
         Children:  Mary A. Goodger, David M. Goodger, Temperance Goodger
5. Name: James David DERDEN
   Born: c 1818     Chesterfield Dist. SC
   Died:  Feb 1871  Hill Co, TX
Spouses: #1Unknown
         #2Elizabeth TUBB   6 Aug 1838 in Perry Co, AL
         Children: Roseanna  DERDEN
                   Martha L  DERDEN b. 1844 AL
                   David     DERDEN b. 1847 AL
                   Jesse B.  DERDEN b. 1858 AL
                   William   DERDEN
         #3Mary L. CLARK   b. c1837 Texas
         Children: Mary virginia DERDEN  b. 28 JUL 1861 Henderson Co, Texas
                                         m. 27 SEP 1885 Hillsboro, TX
                                            Frank Scott SHOOK
                   Benjamin      DERDEN  b. 1866
                   James Rufus   DERDEN  b. 1869
6. Name: Elizabeth H. DERDEN
   Born: c 1820
Married: 2 Dec 1844 Perry Co, Alabama
   Died: after 1870
Spouses:  Allen E. JAGGERS
      bought govt land Allen E. Jaggers 5/1/1847 40.985 SWSE 11 21N 7E
7. Name: Roseanna DERDEN
   Born: c1824
Married: 19 Jan 1843 Perry Co, AL
   Died: about 1879  Texas
Living : ********** 1860 Henderson Co, TX ***********
Spouses: William CONE died before 1860
         Children: Temperance     CONE b. c1844 AL
                   Adam M.        CONE b. c1846 AL
                   Thetus Adaline CONE b. c1848 AL
                   Nancy Louisa   CONE b. c1850 AL
                   Willie Ann     CONE b. c1852 AL
8. Name: Thetus Adaline  DERDEN  
   Born: May 1828         at: Chesterfield Co., South Carolina ??
Married:                  at:                     
   Died: after 1900       at: Living 1900 Anderson Co, TX
Spouses: #1 George Benjamin TUBB b. 25 July 1826  d 10 Jan 1851 Perry Co, AL
         m. 3 Feb 1848 Perry County, Alabama (parents James TUBB and
             Hinson CREWS m c1818 Dickson Co, TN)
         Children: Thomas Bruce TUBB b. c1849 Perry Co, AL
                     m. #1 Josephine JAGGERS
                     m. #2 Mallie F. Thompson
                   Georgia Ann TUBB b. 10 Jan 1851 Perry Co, AL
                                    d.  3 Dec 1899 Henderson Co, TX
                     m. 10 Oct 1867 William Murphy PICKLE
         Living 1850 Perry Co, AL
         Living 1860 Henderson Co, TX with brother James Derden
         #2 WILLIAM HERRINGTON    m. 15 AUG 1861 Henderson Co, Tx
         Children: James D. HERRINGTON     m. Laura Fletcher
                   Roseanna HERRINGTON     m. John Quitman OLDHAM
                   Thetus Adaline "Addie" HERRINGTON died young

July-December 1847
JOHN DERDEN, SR. born N.C., Dec. 27, 1769; married Obedience Taylor,
Anson Co., N.C.; died in residence of
his son, John Derden, Jr., Yalobusha Co., Miss., May 20, 1847.


7. James Dearden (George3, Richard II2, Richard1) was born in 1742 
in Virginia and died in Chesterfield County, South Carolina.

   General Notes:

James Dearden apparently changed the spelling of his last name shortly 
after 1800. He was born sometime between 1742 and 1744.
After his mother's death, using the money from his inheritance, he bought 
200 acres of land on November 9, 1778 and is found on the tax lists 
1781-1795. In these tax lists, the surname Dearden is also found as Durden,
Durdin, Darden, Dardain, Derden, Durding, Darding and Deerton. James 
"Dardin" had his land surveyed in
Chesterfield County, South Carolina in 1797 and granted in 1798.
No document has yet been uncovered to ascertain the order of birth of 
the children of James and Sally.
In 1786, in Warren County, North Carolina, the census shows:
1 male 21-60
5 males under 21
3 females
James is the only Derden in any records of Bute and Warren Counties of
an age to be our ancestor and the only James in North Carolina.

James married Sarah "Sally" Bobbitt, daughter of John Richard Bobbitt 
and Amy Alston\Shearin, in 1764 in
Probably North Carolina. Sarah was born in 1747 in Granville County, 
North Carolia and died in Chesterfield County, South Carolina. 

Children from this marriage were: 

         31 M    i. George Derden .

      + 32 M    ii. Luke Derden .

         33 F    iii. Amy Derden .

            Amy married Hardy Horton. 

      + 34 F    iv. Martha Derden was born about 1764 and died about 1852.

      + 35 M    v. John William Derden was born about 1769.

      + 36 M    vi. David Derden was born about 1780 in Probably Georgia 
                    and died after 1850 in Perry County, Alabama.

      + 37 M    vii. James Jr. Derden was born between 1790-1800 in 
                     Chesterfield County, South Carolina.

      + 38 M    viii. Marcus "Mark" Derden was born on 24 Jul 1791 in 
                      South Carolina and died on 16 Sep 1854
                      in Lancaster County, South Carolia.

         39 M    ix. Elijah Derden was born about 1792.

            Elijah married Sarah Meyers, daughter of Marmaduke Myers 
            and Rebecca ?, before 1810 in
            Probably Chesterfield, South Carolina. 
            Sarah was born about 1792. 

76. John Hendrick Derden(James Jr.37, James7, George3, Richard II2, Richard1) 
was born between 1814-1816 in
Chesterfield County, South Carolina and died between 1865-1866 
in Anderson County, Texas.

John married Matilda Sims, daughter of Nathaniel Sims and 
Winnefred\Winifred Bullock, on 29 Dec 1835 in
Hinds County, Mississippi. Matilda was born about 1813 in Hinds 
County, Mississippi and died between 1850-1856. 

141. James Monroe Derden 
(George Washington64, David36, James7, George3, Richard II2, Richard1) 
was born in 1835 in Alabama and died in 1872 in Henderson Co., Texas.

General Notes: ]

James Monroe Derden died sometime between 1872 and 1880. The Derden 
Family Bible says he died of pneumonia. He may possibly be buried in 
Patterson Cemetery near Crossroads in Henderson County, Texas.
The Henderson County Cemetery records record 7 unmarked Derden graves.