Balch Park and Mountain Home State Forest

Balch Park is a Tulare County park located in the southern part of Mountain Home State Forest. It is a wonderful place to go camping with groves of Giant Sequoias that rival those of nearby Sequoia National Park. There are fishing ponds teeming with fish, mountain streams cascading over rocks, and picturesque waterfalls. In addition, several trails snake among the big trees and other sites, including the Indian Bathtubs, before heading off into the backcountry to mountain lakes and granite peaks. Guide service and rental horses are available at the Balch Park Pack Station, which is located near Shake Camp.

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Balch County Park
(559) 733-6612
(559) 539-3896
Mountain Home Forest
(559) 539-2321
Mountain Home Forest
(559) 539-2855

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Camping in Mountain Home State Forest

Balch County Park charges $12.00 per night per campsite. Unfortunately, this delightful campground, which is first come first serve, is often full on summer weekends. However, groups can make reservations for the Methuselah Group Camp Area (no water though). Current plans call for a reservation system to be set up in time for the summer 2001 camping season.

Also, there are an additional 92 individual campsites in the area that are maintained by the Mountain Home State Forest. If Balch Park is full, simply drive a little further to the Frasier Mill Campground, which many times is virtually empty. No fee is charged at any of the State Forest campgrounds. Permits are not required to build fires in the fire grills provided at each campsite, but open fires are not allowed anywhere in the forest!

Area NameOvernight UseDay UseNumber of SitesElevation (ft)Fishing
Balch Park Yes Yes 80 6,400 Yes
Frasier Mill Yes Yes 46 6,200 No
Hedrick Pond Yes Yes 14 6,200 Yes
Sunset Point Picnic Area No Yes 2 tables 6,000 No
Old Mountain Home Picnic Area No Yes 2 tables 6,000 No
Shake Camp Yes Yes 11 6,500 No
Hidden Falls Yes Yes 8 5,900 Yes
Moses Gulch Yes Yes 10 5,400 Yes
Methuselah Group (Reservations only) Yes No 1 5,900 No


Trails in Mountain Home State Forest

Giant Sequoias

Other Sites

Boy Scout Troop 484, October 2000