History of the Wishon Trail


The Wishon Trail follows the North Fork of the Middle Fork of the Tule River to spectacular groves of Giant Sequoias at Balch Park. Indians made the first footpaths that follow the North Fork. Later, gold miners during the the 1850s forged the Dennison, Farley and Jacobson trails that crossed the river to reach new "diggings" on the far side of the Sierras. All these routes fell into disrepair in the 1880s when toll roads provided more reliable routes across the mountains. Another generation of miners at the turn of the century resurrected the old Indian footpaths as the Doyle Trail, and a fledging Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the utility known today as PG&E, named the area Camp Wishon Wishon Fork to honor two brothers that oversaw company operations in the area.


Boy Scout Troop 484, May, 2001
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