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Jesus; The reason I'm living, the reason I'll live forever. Amen.

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December 1,1997
To all,
When I returned from a church outing in central Michigan I had a roll of partly used film. Wanting to see the pictures, which I had taken, I began to use-up the extra film. In my office there is a chart with the lineage of Christ. I took a close up picture of it. When the pictures came back I couldn't understand this urge to see the one of the chart, when I had been waiting to see the ones from our outing. There was this one picture which seemed to have a blur in the center. As I turned it over to the right side, I was surprised to see what I believe to be the face of Jesus. He is holding up his left hand and there is a light reflecting off the palm of that hand. There is a light behind his head.

That was the proof.
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The Story

One Little Lost Lamb


Dear Lord Jesus,
When I was unknown, you knew me.
When I was unlovable, you loved me.
When I deserved punishment, you gave me mercy.
When I deserved death, you gave me life.
When I deserved hell, you gave me heaven.
You stood between me and hell and died for it.
Now you live to stand between me and hell forever.
Dear Lord Jesus, it is no wonder that I love you.

Dear Lord Jesus,

It is because of the nail prints
in your hands and your feet,
I will attain the glorious goal
of which I seek.

When lifeís race is over
and the battle has been won,
it is because of those nail prints
I will finally overcome.

Not because of my abilities,
nor the accomplishments I achieve,
Itís totally and completely because of
those nail prints in
your hands and your feet.
Again, thank you
Lord Jesus


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8 AUGUST 1997
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