Home"This site would not be possible without the
help of some terrific people who share
my insane passion for a creative and
whimsical part of America's history."

My mom, Martha Souza, who in the mid-1950s purchased a starter set of Tam O'Shanter dinnerware from a local flower and gift shop in Clarksville, Tennessee. Thank goodness a few pieces survived her two rambunctious boys.

Bob Hutchins,  perhaps the greatest Homespun collector I know. Bob taught me the difference between soup bowls, salad bowls, and large and small vegetable bowls. He showed me his custard cups, colossal cup, and Vernon oddities. Bob helped me put together the lists of shapes for each the patterns based on his years of passionate collecting.

Bill Stern, Vernon lover extraordinary! I first saw Bill in profiled in a book call Magnificent Obsessions. He is a true scholar on Vernon Kilns and he has contribute a lot to this web site.

Celeste Weklych -- boy does Celeste loooooove Gingham. She provided me with the Gingham photographs on this site and has been the site's biggest fan. Celeste is a true collector, embracing all that comes with collecting Gingham, even the chandeliers!

Maxine Feek Nelson is perhaps the patron saint of Vernon Kilns' collectors. She has written several books on collecting Vernon Kilns and she strongly encouraged me to follow through with my vision of building this web site. She encouraged me to create a place that would unite current collectors and insure a new generation of people who love Vernon Kilns.

The first time I saw the collection of Jacob Wolfe, I fell in love. He was the first collector I met who loved them all. He has a beautiful collection of all of the plaids, though his first love is Homespun.

You have to admire a man who loves all dinnerware and pottery. Michael moves freely across manufacturers' lines. Don't knock yourself out collecting one pattern, when you can have a plate from Red Wing's whimsical Round Up, or Franciscan's simple, but elegant Tempo. Mike is the first person who made me look at all of the cool utility art that America has created.

Finally, I have to thank my companion of 17 years, Daniel, who has enjoyed collecting most of his life. Daniel has the coolest collection of 1970's Ding-a-Ling Robots you a have ever seen. The day I became hooked on collecting Tam O'Shanter was a happy day indeed in our family. A family that collects together...




2001 Kevin H. Souza
Updated on Saturday, April 08, 2000