Local Kindreds:

Medoburg Kindred Website (Western Pennsylvania)
Raven Kindred North Web Site (Massachusetts)
Gladsheim Kindred Website (Maryland)
Two Ravens Kindred (Connecticut)
Raven Kindred South Website (Maryland)
Great Ash Kindred (Ohio)

Vingolf Member Pages:

Manny Olds' Home Page
Catheryn Burke's Home Page
Joe Mandato's Home Page

Other Quality Asatru Links:

Hammers by Weylandsdottir (NEW!)
Frigga's Web (A National Asatru Group and Frithstead)
Ring of Troth Website (A large National Organization for Asatru)
Hrafnar Website (Information on Seidh Magic)
Irminsul Aettir Website (Contains a good resource to find Asatru contacts in your area)
Mountain Thunder Magazine (Many heathen articles available online)
Online translation of Eddas and Sagas (Courtesy of squirrel.com)
The Viking Answer Lady Including the Ibn Fadlan text (Risala).
Tara Hill Designs Recommended online source for all things runic. Choose your rune set from 9 different kinds of wood. Talismans, books and games too.

If you would like your kindred to be listed here, please drop us a line.

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