Destinies to Fulfill
Chapter 4
by Xat

Hi again well after all of this time I have decided to write appropriate disclaimers and/or warnings at the beginning of each knew chapter, as I am unaware of what I will write in the future. Don't get me wrong I know where the story is going and all of that, but I don't know how I will go about writing it. If you are still reading this I thank you and would appreciate any comments you might have to offer.

The original general disclaimer in the first section is applicable to all future sections I write.

Spoiler: A Necessary evil - all you need to know is that Callisto is now a god and she was trapped by Xena in a lava pit.

Rating: PG. 15+, some violence, sexual references of a HETEROSEXUAL nature (don't worry - its merely implied and no more than episodes such as The Unchained Heart or The Path Not Taken)

But, if you are offended by this OR you are allergic to this then I guess you would have left earlier and If you haven't ....Whatcha still reading this for?????.........

I suppose you could ignore it or skip over it if you really wanted to, but I wouldn't have put it in if it wasn't necessary to the story.


Continued from Chapter 3

Both Xena and Hercules looked at each other desperately. Her weapons were back in their bedroom and she wore only a simple linen shift, not much protection from a lunatic goddess who was hell bent on making her suffer in the worst possible way. She also realized that Callisto had caught her at her most vulnerable moment, defenseless with the two people she most loved at her side. She couldn't decide what to do - try to take her alone in the hope that by sacrificing herself, Callisto would leave the others alone ? But at the same time she knew that was not an option as Callisto was out to destroy her and that meant killing Hercules and Gabrielle in front of her, making her suffering unbearable and turning her insane.

Before Xena had a chance to decide what course of action she was going to take, Hercules had jumped of the platform and landed on the ground facing Callisto.

"What do you want ?" Hercules asked plainly angered at her presence.

"What have I always wanted ?" she cooed " I know she's here... even the son of Zeus can't hide her from me."

"Your not playing anymore games with her over."

"Oh" Callisto purred before giving that insane childish giggle of hers.

Xena watched from above and came to a decision. She motioned for Gabrielle to lay flat on the platform and whispered to her.

"Gabrielle, stay up here no matter what happens."


Xena didn't give her a chance to argue. "Please do as I ask, hide, I don't want Callisto to have more targets than necessary."

Gabrielle opened her mouth to object again but Xena cut her off.

"Promise me"

Gabrielle nodded.

Callisto laughed at Hercules "Don't tell me the Warrior Prinnncess is hiding behind her lover pathetic."

Xena stood to her full height and somersaulted of the platform, yelling her warcry at the top of her lungs hoping to distract Callisto. She landed behind her like cat stalking its prey, her piercing blue eyes alert for any type of trap or trick. Callisto smiled girlishly at Hercules before turning her back on him to face Xena.

Xena smiled wickedly "I have no reason to hide from you Callisto."

"You don't?"

Xena shook her head.

"Well...that's your first mistake... " Callisto said before cocking her head to one side and sounding her own warcry before a bolt of lightening erupted from her finger. Xena reacted in time and flipped over the goddess' head landing near Hercules.

Callisto laughed once again "I learned that one from Velasca but don't worry, she's still trapped in the lava pit. Let me show you one I made up myself just for you..."

Without further warning, Callisto threw a fire ball at them, causing them to both flip in opposite directions. Because they were desperate to escape the fire ball that was headed towards them, neither had paid much attention on where they were going to land, effectively causing Hercules

to crash into a boulder and Xena into the base of the oak tree. Gabrielle caught the sickening view as Xena's head collided with the tree trunk. Xena managed to get on her hands and knees and was shaking her head as if to ward of the pain and dizziness that she was now undoubtedly feeling.

Callisto walked over towards Xena and squatted down beside her. "You like it ?" she asked Xena, tormenting her " You see its designed to burn away your pretty little face before I kill you."

Suddenly a strong hand gripped Callisto around the throat and she found her self flying through the air and landing on the boulder the Hercules had crashed into earlier. Hercules knelt down next to Xena and help her up.

"Are you O.K." He asked concern creeping into his voice.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine." Xena replied with a wink, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

By this time Callisto was back on her feet and smiling at the couple. Hercules stood in front of Xena, protecting her from Callisto.

"Your going to have to get through me first Callisto." He told her.

Callisto grinned madly "Oh well, the more fun for me..."

Unexpectedly a huge thunderbolt met with the earth with a loud crash. Hercules and Xena covered their eyes but Callisto was caught unprepared and stumbled backwards. From the smoke that drifted up from where the thunderbolt had landed appeared no other than the King of The Gods.


"Great." Xena muttered under her breath.

Zeus turned towards Callisto. Callisto smiled insanely although it never reached her eyes and Xena caught the look of resentment.

"Well, well, well...isn't this a sweet surprise..."

"Callisto" The king of the gods thundered. "I gave you an express order to avoid my son and his friends...they are not your concern."

Callisto stood defiantly. "Well you see, Xena and her friends will always be of my concern, not even you can stop me from taking what I want...what I deserve."

"This is your last warning Callisto."

"NO!! This is yours old man...NOBODY stands in my way when it come to Xena. Since when did anyone besides your bastard son attract any of you protection anyway?"

If Callisto had intended to irritate the King Of The Gods then she had succeeded. He practically boiled with fury. Hercules by this time had crouched in front of Xena and had instructed her to do the same for he feared that his father would lose his temper if Callisto kept baiting him like that.

He didn't think even Callisto was insane enough to go up against the King of The Gods.

Zeus took a step towards her. " Since she became my bastard sons lover."

"Oh...yeah...well, that's a good enough reason." Callisto said taking a step back and smiling, most of her confidence lost. She forwarded her attention to Xena. "This isn't over prriiiinnncessssssss" and with that the goddess disappeared.

Hercules let out the breath he hadn't realized he had been holding and stood. Xena rose too and stood beside him. Zeus turned to face the two warriors.

"Father, I don't know what to say...thank you."

Zeus shook his head "You should not thank me until you hear what I have to say."

Hercules took a few steps toward his estranged father. "What are you saying."

"I am here to tell you that I forbid you to continue your relationship with this women."

"You forbid me ?" Hercules stuttered in pure disbelief.

Xena winced as if stung by an invisible force before setting her jaw and drawing herself to her full height even though the action made her head swim. She was determined, concussion or not that she would be strong.

"You cannot forbid me to do anything." Hercules continued.

"Son, please don't make me do this the hard way."

"The hard way? Since when have you ever done anything that was hard. You don't even acknowledge any responsibility for your actions or there consequences. You want to talk about hard ? Let me tell you about hard..."


"Hard is when you spend your whole childhood trying to fit in but knowing that you will never will. Hard is when you grow up with a father who was never there when you needed him the most. Hard is having to watch your family burn to death because of the jealousy of your father's wife.

I never asked to be your son . . . I never asked to be punished every moment of everyday for being the bastard son of Zeus !!!! I have worked so hard to give my life meaning, I have tried so hard to do the right thing even though my heart is slowly dying. And now that after all of the CRAP YOU HAVE PUT ME THROUGH, I HAVE FOUND SOMEONE WHO EASES MY PAIN AND GETS ME THROUGH EVERYDAY...AND...YOU WANT ME TO GIVE HER UP!"

Zeus lowered his head regretfully "Son...please..."

"No." Hercules whispered, his whole body shaking.

Xena wanted more than anything to take him into her arms and comfort him. To tell him how much she loved him and cry with him for however long it took but something held her back.

"No father." He said more strongly "No I am not going to let you take her away from me."

"Hercules..." Xena interrupted.

"No, Xena" Hercules replied before facing Zeus once more "Why would you ask me to give up the one I love?"

Zeus sighed "I can't tell you, please do what I ask before I'm forced to do something I'll regret."

"Oh and what's that..." Hercules said exasperated.

The look in Zeus eyes told Hercules of his intentions. The mighty king of the gods let off a awesome lightening bolt in Xena's direction but Hercules was already in motion. Flying through the air in a desperate leap he pushed Xena out of the way to avoid being certainly killed. Hercules however was not so lucky, his unfortunate position left himself wide open and the whole

force of the lightening bolt hit him in the chest, propelling him through the air and into the same tree that Xena had previously crashed into. The force of the collision made the whole tree shake violently and Gabrielle who was situated high above almost fell to the ground. She thanked whatever gods were listening that for once she had obeyed Xena's instructions and was still lying on the platform, for otherwise she would have fallen to the ground and most probably would have died.

Regaining her composure Gabrielle once again peered over the side and what she saw seemed to take place in slow motion. Xena rose from where she had landed no more than two meters away and turned. She ran over to Hercules, ignoring the king of the gods and knelt down to check her lovers condition. Her movements were frantic as she checked his pulse and his chest before placing her fingers beneath his nose to make sure that he was breathing. As she removed her hand Gabrielle saw that her fingers were covered in blood. Xena stared at them for what seemed like an eternity, for the first time since her brothers death she had no idea what to do.

Zeus, apparently overcome his shock of what he had done spoke hesitantly. "Is he...all right ?"

She saw Xena stiffen and could swear she heard a loud heartbeat. Perhaps it was her own pulse thumping in her ears at the expression she saw on Xena's face as she turned around to face the King of The Gods.

Her eyes were glazed over in that expression that Gabrielle wished she would never see again. It was the same look that she had when she thought her father was dead and had ordered her newly acquired army to 'KILL 'EM ALL!' only a thousand times more intense. It was a look of pure fury and madness that surpassed even Callisto's. It was as if she could not comprehend any thought or emotion except hatred.

Even Zeus took a step backwards. Could it be that Zeus was afraid of the Warrior Princess? It was well known that she could make men tremble with fear at her feet, but could she frighten a god?

"I'm so sorry...I didn't mean..."

Xena's voice was deep and intimidating. It was not the honey smooth voice that she loved. "You keep telling yourself that." She practically spat as she stalked towards Zeus. Suddenly Aries appeared from behind her and his face beamed.

"That's my girl!!"

Xena didn't even notice his presence.

"I always knew you still had it in you." He offered before stroking her hair seductively. Xena kicked backwards without even looking behind her. Her boot connecting with his midsection sending him sailing through the air and into the water ten meters away. If it wasn't such a dramatic and dangerous situation, Gabrielle would have laughed at the expression on the God of War's face as he surfaced from the water. It was pure amazement.

Zeus tried to reason with the warrior who had just sent one of the most powerful gods to cool himself off in the river. "Just let me pass and I can help him."

"You even think about stepping one foot towards Hercules and your next."

Xena was threatening Zeus!!!! Gabrielle could not believe it. Surely Zeus would kill Xena for her insolence...but instead he disappeared into thin air. Aries was still staring at Xena disbelievingly until he too disappeared with an all new perspective of his favorite warrior.

Gabrielle, sensing that this was a good time to come down, climbed down he ladder faster than she would have given herself credit for. When she reached Hercules she lay a hand on his shoulder and to her surprise he moaned.

He was alive.

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