Destinies to Fulfill
Chapter 7
by Xat

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Continued from Chapter 6

They chased each other around the house like young children and at the moment it was Hercules' turn to chase Xena. Finally he grabbed her around the waist.

"Gottcha!" He shouted in triumph.

"Only because I was afraid that if I made you run anymore you'd hurt yourself again."

"What?" Hercules exclaimed in disbelief "I got you fair and square."

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

Hercules' eyes flashed full of mischief as he picked her up in his arms and set her on the ground, placing himself over her so she couldn't escape.

"Don't you dare . . " Xena warned.

Hercules just smiled back and started tickling her. She only had one sensitive spot and he had found it much to his delight, on one especially cold night. It was only a small area situated next to her left hip bone where she had been injured when she was six years old. She had told him that she had fallen out of a tree and didn't tell her mother about it. It did not heal as well as it could have and was still a sensitive spot some twenty years later.

By now the Warrior Princess was gasping for air between fits of laughter but to her credit she was still fighting him.

"The mighty warrior is ticklish . . . ." He sung teasingly in her ear. "Admit that I got you fair and square!"

"Never!" She shouted.

"Oh, what would people say if they found out that the mighty Warrior Princess is ticklish?"

"You wouldn't!"

"Wouldn't I?"


"Give me one good reason."

"I'll give you two." She said "One . . ." She flipped Hercules onto his back and sat straddling his chest.

"Number two . . " She whispered in his ear "Because I'll tell everyone how when you see me you can't stop smiling, your heart starts pounding and you feel like you can't breathe. How when you hear my voice your insides turn to mush. I'll tell how when I touch you, your skin turns to fire and when I kiss you, you go lightheaded and your speech is slurred." She moved to lay on top of him "And I'll tell how when I make love to you . . . . "

Gabrielle burst through the door . . . and almost passed out with shock seeing them sprawled all over the floor.

"What in Zeus name are you two doing?"

Xena practically jumped of Hercules and Hercules still overcome at what had nearly transpired could only manage to force himself into a seated position.

"Um . . . we were just . . . . um . . . .playing tag . . weren’t we Hercules?"

"Yup, playing tag."

" No prizes for guessing that Xena won . . . ." Gabrielle said remembering the scene when she first walked in.

"No she didn't actually." Hercules said "I did!"

"Obviously . . " Gabrielle muttered. "Well who's up for breakfast?"

"Not me . . .I'm going out hunting for lunch." Xena said striding for the door.

"O.K." Gabrielle said.

"See you when you get back." Hercules called as she walked out the door.

Xena only smiled.

Gabrielle turned back to Hercules .. "What's there to eat?"

Xena returned a few hours later with two rabbits. The three polished them of in short order between old stories and jokes about one thing or another. All in all it was a pleasant afternoon and soon Gabrielle startedto feel herself get rather sleepy. She had drunk too much wine.

"Xena?" Gabrielle said her speech slightly slurred.

Xena looked up, worry lining her beautiful features.

"I think I'm going to go to bed now."

"But its only late afternoon."

"I know, I'm just feeling a little funny at the moment."

"Funny?" Hercules questioned.

"Yeah you know, the floor feels like its moving up and down, kinda like you are on a boat."

"A boat?"

"Yeah, oh Gods!" Gabrielle muttered before she covered her mouth with both hands and ran out of the house.

"Is she all right ?" Hercules asked concerned.

"Oh yeah," Xena replied "She gets sea-sick even at the mention of being on a boat, don't worry she'll sleep it off."




A moment of uncomfortable silence passed between them before Hercules stated what was on both of their minds.

"We're finally alone."


Hercules rose from his chair and pulled Xena up with him so she was standing with his arms wrapped around her waist, holding her close. He bent down and kissed the nape of her neck before kissing her full on the mouth leaving his intentions perfectly clear. The kiss was so intense that Xena could have lost herself in it, but she couldn't. Reluctantly she pulled away.

"What's wrong?" He asked searching her face.

"I promised you the night of your life."

"I know." He said grinning.

"Look out the window." She instructed.

"And?" He questioned.

"And . . . . . it's not night yet." She said playfully, disentangling herself from his arms.

"What?" Hercules exclaimed.

"You heard me."

"You are kidding!"

"No there is at least a couple of hours of light left so go and do something useful."

"But . . . . "

"But nothing, if you are well enough to play than you are well enough to do some work around here. And if your not well enough to do some of your chores than we won't be doing anything except sleeping tonight. Got it?"

"Okay. . . " He grumbled.

"Good, now make the bed and clear the table than I want you to groom Argo. When you have finished that take a bath and then wait for me."

"Were will you be?"

"I'm going to check on our little sea-sick bard and then I am going to get ready."

Hercules saluted mockingly at Xena and set about his tasks. Xena was relieved, if he had of persisted then she didn't think she could have resisted and she wanted tonight to be special not only for him but for both of them. They would be one finally, in soul, in mind, in heart and in body.

After what seemed like forever, the sun slowly melted into the horizon, painting the sky in black and darkening the earth. Hercules fidgeted anxiously as he awaited for Xena. Previous nights of pure passion crept into his thoughts. They had seemed so perfect, they were perfect and he couldn't imagine what Xena had in mind to make it more special than the others. Making love with her was indescribable, and undoubtedly was the most beautiful thing that anyone could hope to experience. You automatically lost yourself in her, reveling in her touch. To say that they shared pure love was an understatement, It was more than words could ever describe but could be communicated between them by just a simple shared glance or the slightest touch. It was like being nothing and everything all at once, not knowing anything but the bond they shared and at the same time knowing that nothing else mattered. It was all inside themselves. They did not need to breathe or eat, they could feed off each other and grow closer together. It didn't matter how long they were apart for she was his heart as he was hers and when they needed strength they could find it within themselves. Together they could do anything. Together they were everything.

He had lit the room up with many white candles, to him Xena appeared even more stunning when her skin glowed it the warm orange light and her eyes reflected flames flickering in pools of crystal blue water. He was the strongest man in the world and yet he still fell, weak at the knees every time he laid eyes on her.

'Oh well . . . ' he thought chuckling to himself, 'She is not a bad weakness . . . . . '

Xena could see the warm orange glow coming from the bedroom window. It could only mean one thing, the room was aglow with the light of many candles. She loved candle light, after they made love she used to trace the shadows made by the muscles on Hercules' chest shadowed by the flickering light, wondering at the goodness in him that was like a beacon of light for her. She spent many a night just watching his peaceful expression as he slept, wallowing in guilt not of past crimes but because she knew in her heart that she didn't deserve to be lying in his arms or receiving the warmth that he gave her.

She remembered when she had left Hercules and Iolaus after they had defeated Darfus, her former lieutenant. She knew it was for the best for not only Hercules but Iolaus as well. How could she continue a relationship with a man whose best friend she had seduced and betrayed? So they separated and she rode off on her own. Two days later she had come across a small village and desperately needed supplies so she stopped just to fetch the necessaries. They villagers recognized her but were too afraid to confront her.

She tied Argo to a fence in the village square and when she came back a man was holding a burning torch to her beloved war horse. She had lost it, there was no denying it, pure rage flowed through her as she threw her chakram, not at the torch but at the bastard who was holding it. It cut his arm off at the elbow and flew back into her awaiting hand covered with blood. She drew her sword and in a blind fury killed everything in sight except Argo, of course. Blood stained the ground as well as every inch of her body and it was only until she looked down at her bloody sword and hands that she realized what she had done. She almost retched with repulsion at what she had done and mounted Argo and rode as fast as she could away from the village.

Hercules had found her a day later curled up in a fetal position staring with un-seeing eyes at a fire that burned low next to her, Argo standing faithfully beside her master. He somehow managed to get though to her and nursed her back to health. It must of taken days, she really didn't know. All she wanted to do was die but she couldn't bring herself to even move so she resigned to either starving or freezing to death, it didn't really matter to her. He fed her and bathed her until one night she woke up to find him sleeping next to her. She couldn't help herself, she moved closer to him and snuggled into his broad chest. Life began to be bearable from then on.

Hercules could sense her before she entered the room and stood beside the bed waiting for her to appear. He wasn't disappointed. Her long hair flowed free, framing her beautiful face and highlighting her eyes that reflected the light from the candles, just as he hoped it would. She stood before him as magnificent as ever, dressed in a long dark blue dress made out of silk. He had never seen her wearing such a feminine garment and he wondered where she had got it. He walked towards her and caressed her cheek before leaning down and softly taking her lower lip between his and sucking it gently. He felt her tremble and released her only to encircle his arms around her waist. He looked down at her, she still had her eyes closed, and kissed her on the forehead. She finally opened her eyes looking up at him with the pure innocence of a child.

He led her over to the bed and they both sat down, his arms still around her waist as he kissed her again. He loved the taste of her and the feel of her slender hands resting on his forearms. As the kiss deepened, she moaned and drew back a little. He leaned in to kiss her again but she laid her hands on his chest making him stop.

"No, before we do this I want you to understand something." Xena whispered. "I have never given myself to a man before, I mean I have slept with men before but I have never given myself totally to anyone."

Hercules looked back surprised, he didn't know where all this was coming from.

"There has always been a part of me that held back. I could never trust anyone, even people I cared about because I knew that the moment I wasn't prepared, I would be betrayed or worse."

"That must have been a horrible way to live."

"It was, but I was a warrior, that’s the only way I knew how to survive."

"So all those times we were together, you weren’t feeling what I was feeling?"

Xena held his hands in hers. "I was, I felt the love and the absolute bliss but I could never lose myself in those feelings like you did."

Hercules hung his head, unable to look into her eyes any longer.

"When I was in your arms I felt things that I never knew I could feel and I knew ever since our first kiss that I could never feel that way about anyone ever again and that scared me. I held back Hercules, it was the only way I could cope with being so happy."

"I don't know what to say."

Xena lifted his chin so that he was facing her. "You don't have to say a word, I'm sorry."

"Don’t be sorry, I understand and while we are on this subject there is something I need to tell you too. You weren't the only one to hold back, I do it too. I was afraid that I would hurt you. I am the strongest

man in the world, and I always had to control myself just in case I injured you. I loved you so much that I couldn't stand the idea of hugging you too tightly or being too aggressive."

Xena smiled, she understood. "Well I guess that makes tonight even more special, no holding back- for either of us."

"No holding back." He agreed.

Both smiling, they lent towards each other to meet in a heart melting kiss. Hercules engulfed her in his arms as they worked towards perfection, their tongues intertwining as their bodies pushed closer and closer together. He slid the dress off her shoulders exposing more of her neck and her upper arms. Breaking away from the kiss he lowered her onto the bed and danced his tongue along her collar bone.

Xena squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lip as he pulled at her dress revealing more and more flesh while at the same time giving her neck and collar bone his intimate attention. She explored his back with her fingers memorizing every muscle. She moaned softly as he ran his mouth up her neck towards her mouth. They held onto each other tightly as their fiery kisses became desperate and lustful.

Passion took on a whole knew meaning as Hercules rose to his knees and pulled Xena with him so she sat on him, her legs around his waist, holding him against her, her arms gripping his torso. She lowered her mouth to his chest kissing him softly, randomly, while he busied himself with removing her dress. Xena shivered as the last piece of clothing was removed from her. Hercules held her fast against his body with one muscular arm using the other to cover her exposed back with a blanket. He lifted her head gently so their eyes met and drowned in the depth of them totally unaware that he was lowering her onto the bed again and that she was removing the last layer of clothing that prevented them from joining.

They poured all the love and emotion they had ever experienced into their union. Tears flowed freely as pure love was re-discovered and explored time and time again before they both passed out from exhaustion, only to wake later and start all over again.

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