It has always amazed me how little people know about Lebanon, a country that was front page news for the best part of 15 years. This small country and its people, who have done so much for mankind, seem to have been almost forgotten.

Throughout the passage of time Lebanon has not known much in the way of peace, for centuries its envious neighbours have sought to divide its people and conquer its pleasant land. On more than one occasion they almost succeeded in their plans and today Lebanon finds itself once more on the edge of a great abyss. Not only is it occupied by both Israel and Syria, but the danger of Lebanon being annexed by its giant neighbour is very real. Syria has looked lustfully upon Lebanon for years and with its occupation forces is in the process of rapping her. The Syrian controlled Lebanese government is powerless for it cannot act without Syrian approval, any sign of nonconformity is swiftly dealt with by Syrian intelligence agents. Four hundred thousand Palestinians are still present on Lebanese soil, many of them are still under arms and they continue to disrespect and disregard Lebanon's sovereignty.

The aim of this site is to recount the story of Lebanon and its people, explain a little bit about what Lebanon has contributed, show what the country is like, and tell of its sad current situation.

If you are not Lebanese please try to spare a thought and a prayer every now and then for Lebanon and its people. Try to tell your friends what you have learnt about Lebanon and of the dangers it faces.

If you are Lebanese, then be Lebanese. Put your country above everything else and help your fellow countrymen whenever you can.
Do not rest until Lebanon is free, Lebanon has made you what you are, be proud of your heritage. Do not blindly follow your leaders, very few care about Lebanon and they care even less about you. They only care for themselves, sending men out to die so that they can remain in power. Do not forget what happened in the war and how brother fought brother, never let it happen again. So many want to claim our heritage and history as their own, but it is ours. Do not ignore those who have no understanding of the value of Lebanese nationalism, educate them.  Do not sit in silence and let injustice and corruption engulf you, on your own you might think that you can't do much but you must speak out because a million voices are not so easily silenced. Many say it is better to kiss the hand that you cannot bite and pray that God might break it, but I say break it yourself when you get the chance. Do not befriend those who eagerly collaborate with the enemy, remember who they are so that they may not know a day of peace. Do not sell your land to outsiders, it was the land of your Grandfathers. You should not poison your land, in the end you are only poisoning yourself, look after your country, after all so many people died for it.

Various sources of information where used during the creation of this site and they are generally referred to in the text. The heavy use of graphics has been avoided where possible so as to ensure rapid download times. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this site please let me know.

This site is updated and expanded on a weekly basis.

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