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Welcome To Jenny's Irish dancing page!
Irish dancing Rocks this World!
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Hi and Welcome to my Irish dancing page! My name is Jenny (if you haven't figured that out yet!). I LOVE irish dancing and that is why I made this page so check it out! To find out more about me check out the "about me" page.
Hey everybody! I have good news and bad news. The bad news is a few weeks ago I was practicing scissors in my basement and I fell and broke my foot. The good news is it's a lot better and hopefully I'll be able to start dancing soon! Also, I might be going to the Oireachtas to compete in figures! This will be my first time going so I'm really excited. I added some more tips to the tip page and I will continue to add more. There are a few feises coming up in the fall so I should have some more pictures for you by September.

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