Charlie was tired of his wife, tired of his family, tired of his job and planned a boating accident. He bought a big life insurance policy, packed a suitcase, drove down to the fishing pier on the Chesapeake Bay and rented a rowboat. He put his fishing gear and suitcase in the rowboat and rowed down the beach until he was out of sight of the fishing pier. In the light offshore breeze, Charlie rowed the boat back to shore and put his wallet and identification in his jacket. He left his jacket and fishing gear in the boat, got his suitcase and pushed the rowboat offshore and as the boat drifted out of sight Charlie dreamed of a new life. He carried his suitcase to the highway, caught the city bus to the Greyhound Bus Station and disappeared into the night.

A month later Charlie's insurance company's investigator showed up at Charlie's job asking when was the last time we saw Charlie. The new guy in the shop said that it was the strangest thing, but last month his car was in the garage and he took the bus to pick it up. He said he saw Charlie get on his bus with a suitcase, and that he didn't think Charlie recognized him. The insurance guy said " Uh…What day was that ?".



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