The Day The Great Man Recognized Me!

Almost every male person I know has a story about the day the "great man" recognized him. Many times it was when he was in the Army and he told the "great man" off, or the "great man" actually listened to him, or in some way he was recognized by the "great man"! It's amazing to me that grown men have egos so fragile as to be so greatly influenced by the "great man" recognizing him. I have learned to recognize the "great man" story coming and always have urgent business somewhere else. As men grow older, the "great man" story becomes more and more important until it becomes the high point of their entire life! What also bothers me is that I have no "great man" story. I know I have no respect for authority and wonder if that's the reason. I had done some reading and realized that I was being brainwashed in Army Basic Training, but also realized that I must play along or ruin my entire life. I also know that local and national authorities are shams if not liars and thieves. Am I somehow less a man because I have no "great man" story?




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