Earnie the Koi

A Koi is a big Japanese goldfish looking fish that some say can live over a hundred years. A local bait shop had one named Earnie in an artificial fountain that emptied into a two foot wooden bucket. Earnie was almost ten inches long and for years swam slowly in circles in that two foot bucket.  My friend Manly had dug a big goldfish pond and told the bait shop people that if they wanted, Earnie could come and live in his goldfish pond. But Earnie was a pet and they hated to let him go.

For some reason, months later they decided to let Manly have Earnie the Koi. Manly watched carefully to see what Earnie would do in that huge pond and when released Manly was surprised to see that Earnie swam slowly in a two foot circle. That was all he had ever done! This went on for about two hours when suddenly Earnie took off in a straight line about as fast as Manly had ever seen a fish swim! Now Manly says Earnie only turns when he has to avoid hitting something and is one of the fastest fish in the pond.

You may expect some kind of "moral to the story" but there isn't one. It's just the story of Earnie the Koi.





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