Make Your Own Icons

This article is about making your own Windows icons with Microsoft Paint. To begin, you open Paint, set your canvas to 32pixels X 32pixels ( 0 to 31). The 32 pixel canvas is a tiny thing so magnify it with the magnifying glass and use the smallest square paint brush. If you draw your icon and save it as "MyIcon.ico" with the quotation marks to your desktop, it will show up as an icon file. But a real icon file is around 766 bites while a Paint icon file is way up to around 3000 bites. NOT GOOD! AND when you try to load it into a real icon editor you get an error message "not a valid icon". Will real programs (like WindowsME) accept Paint icons? YES! Suppose you want to change your "Notepad" icon to your creation. You click:

FileTypes - select the file who's icon you want to change
and Browse and select your masterpiece!




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