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Download MoreJong / MoreJongg tile sets here! Moraff has the stunning MoreJongg and YourJongg game trials for free download and you must have the game to use these tile sets. Unfortunately Moraff has set a use limit on their trial downloads, but have a version called "MomJongg" in circulation that is almost as good. Put MomJongg into any search engine and download that version for unlimited play and a nag screen that's not too unplesant. ZDnet and Cnet have the game too. They have a program called "Moraff Make-Tile Utility" where you can make your own Moraff MoreJongg tile sets, although the Make-Tile utility doesn't appear to work on WindowsXP. I also recently put "view95" up for download. You can make your own Moraff Game backgrounds with it but it seems to need a file called LEAD50N.DLL in the same file with it, for it to work. I put the Make-Tile and view95 utility on top of the download list ( below ). I've made some of these and stolen some of these and can't remember which are which.

I've put them all in zip files. After downloading and unzipping them, put them in your c:\program files\MoraffMoreJong folder or any Moraff game that uses xxx.tls tile sets. They will be ready for use the next time you open your TileSets\Open TileSets options. For speed my best is denim.tls and the most beautiful is probably VanGogh.tls or maybe Dream.tls. If you make a tile set, send it to me and I'll post it!

I'm pleased to find that PC World still has MomJongg; a version of MoreJongg that you can play forever for free and stuff all these tile sets into. It still has the nag screen that ask you to buy the game. When I finally bought MoreJongg, I really missed the nag screen!

If you're getting tired of the same old background songs, the new "NewSongs" download has a whole new background music album plus directions on how to make your own albums! Download and unzip the file and read the ReadMe file.

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