On Building Birdhouses

Seven baby Bluebirds fledged from my homemade Bluebird houses this spring. From all I could tell, they all learned to fly and catch bugs and later in the summer they all flew off to God knows where. This fall some adults came thru on their migration back south and stopped by here and checked out the birdhouses. Maybe they were deciding whether to come back here in the spring and maybe they weren't even the same seven.

I like to think that they wouldn't have been hatched and raised if my houses hadn't been here. I like to think of them flying all up and down the East Coast loving life and being loved by everyone who sees them. I like to think of them singing their songs in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Central Park in New York City and in the window of an old lady in a rest home. I like to think of them bringing joy and love to the world.

Is what I think just a flight of the imagination? Is it just a fantasy? Maybe, maybe not.




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