The Reward Quit Smoking Method

Figure out how much it cost you to smoke . Then think of some reward that you would really enjoy . The reward has to be something inexpensive enough to be covered with your " no smoking " savings every day . Then think of a long range reward . For me it was two packs a day equals $8.54 . That was more than enough for a cheap lunch at the buffet ! During the day whenever your dieing for a smoke you can think of your reward . It gives you a good reason to resist the temptation . For the long range goal , $ 3,117.10 ( $ 8.54 times 365 days a year ) buys one hell of a computer or a good used car . You could well afford it out of the thousands you'll save for the rest of your life . At $ 3117.10 a year , that's 3,896 starving children you could feed for one day or 10.675 children every day. Be careful on this though . If your a Republican you better stick with self-serving greedy rewards . Better yet - if you're a Republican don't quit smoking !




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