By Mark Willey



Abel Willey b 1-26-1745  d 1818         m Mercy Fowler NH

Abraham  b 5-11-1750   d 5-12-1841 m Susannah Beckwith CT see pension below

Ahimaaz  b 1759          d 4-25-1831  m Jerusha Russel CT

Allen, Sr  b 2-11-1730   d 5-8-1811    m Mary Fuller  NH

Allen, jr    b 7-28-1760   d 4-3-1835    m Clo Frink  NH

Barzilla     b 6-10-1764   d 5-23-1851  m Elizabeth McCough CT see pension below

Ephraim    b 1762          d 4-2-1836    m Bethia Ackley  VT

Ichabod     b 1738          d 3-20-1828  m Elizabeth Bumford   MA

Joel           b 1750          d 4-30-1815  m Abigail Arnold  MA

John          b 10-11-1732  d 12-26-1805 m Ester Comstock CT

John          b 1741          d 7-28-1818   m Elizabeth Marshall  CT

John          b 7-3-1757     d 4-3-1814    m Mary Griffith  DE   

John          b 9-20-1734   d.p. 1782   m (1)Rachel Curtis (2)Mary ____ RI

John, jr      b 1759  d 4-1-1833    m Elizabeth Bickford NH  see pension below

Josiah       b 6-10-1762    d 1-19-1839   m Sally Drew  NH  see pension below

Nathan      b 1-1-1756      d 4-28-1807   m Priscilla Hadley  MA

Robert       b 1760           d 6-29-1818    m Molly Denbow NH  see pension below

Samuel, jr  b 1753           d 6-14-1844    m Elizabeth Glazier  NH



Abraham  S24016 born East Haddam, CT 5-11- 1750, died in Ira, NY (see DAR above)

Ahimaaz  S34560 see DAR born E Haddam died Windsor, MASS, had no family

Andrew    S44065 Hopkington, NH, wife Polly born 1755

Barzilla    S16299 see DAR born New London, CT, lived in Middletown, CT and died Clark Co, IND

               children: Dennis, John F., Marianna Tuttle, Lydia P. Willey

Benjamin  #3563-100-29 Mar 1792 NH

Charles    W2214 wives (1) Deborah (2) Comfort Elliot (married 23 Apr 1825) b. 1755 

               d. 23 Jan 1853 children: Lydia b 1798, Mark b 1808, Johnson b 1812

Ephriam   R11559 See DAR born E. Haddam, married there 14 Aug 1781 moved later and 

               died at Middlesex, VT. 

               Brother Enoch of Middlesex was a few years younger. 

               Children: Hubbard, Orris Nye, Eunice Edgerly, Sally, Benjamin.

Ezekiel    W16088 of Lee, NH, married Patty Glover in Jan 1773; died 4 Jun 1833 in Northfield, NH

               daughter Nancy Batchelder.

John, jr    R11560  From Nottingham, NH moved to Wheelock, VT. with father.  (see DAR above)

James     From Nottingham son of Jonathan said his brothers Jonathan, Charles and Andrew

               were in war and youngest brother Samuel was of Dunbarton, NH. Jame's uncle was  

               John, jr's father.

Jonathan  S35734 of New Hartford, CT  born 2 Jun 1763 E. Haddam CT.

Josiah      W22649 of Wolfborough, NH brother Nathaniel.   (see DAR above)

Paul         R11562 born April 1762 in Durham NH, lived Cabot, VT

Robert      W16473 father was Thomas, of Durham, NH; sons Mark and Thomas. (see DAR above)

Samuel     S9530  of Conway, NH,  Father of the Samuel in the Rockslide at Willey Mountain

William     #3550-100-17 Jun 1790 NH

William     W16162 b. 1755 d 27 Feb 1839 married Deliverance Davis 27 Nov 1783 of Nottingham, 

                NH, lived later Northwood, NH, had a son of same name.