Pricing Guide

**Please Note** - Sets which contain images copyrighted by other artists are not for sale!

Commercial web site fee for use of graphic set - This means any site that you may make money from or which you advertise or promote something that you may make money from. $35 one-time fee per set used  plus a link back to my site.  The set will remain on my site for others to download.  This fee also applies to Web Site Designers (people who make web sites for others).

Semi-exclusive fee for Commercial or Private sites- $100 per set used plus a link back to my site.  The set will be marked as "sold" as soon as payment is received and be made unavailable for future downloads from that time forward.   I call this "semi-exclusive" since there may be people who have previously downloaded and are using the set before purchase and are still entitled to use it.   The only way to get a truely exclusive set is to order a ----->>

Custom, made-to-order graphic set - $150 plus a link back to my site, $75 due before I start on the set, $75 due after set is finished.   A set includes 1 background, up to 10 customized buttons, 1 welcome banner, 2 dividers, 1 bullet and 2 arrows.  If you wish to hold the copyright for the set or prefer not to give me credit for the set on your site, the fee is $300.

Customized Buttons to match any set on my site - $5 each

Customized Welcome Banner to match any set on my site - $10 each

Total Web Site Design with Custom Graphics - $40 per hour

Please make sure that you want and will be using a set before paying for it as there will be no refunds once payment has been received or a custom set has been started.

If you have questions regarding fonts, or questions not answered here, please refer to my FAQ page first. 

If you have any other questions, please e-mail me .   I accept PayPal or I will send you an address where you can mail a check or money order.

If you purchase graphics please be sure to save them to a disk or cd.  I do not keep graphics that have been sold.

Solution Graphics

Graphics by Shawna


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