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           JIMMY SIMS
   SR. 2001

                            Jimmy Sims

   I remember when I first moved to Laurel.  It was my first day at Shady Grove and I did not know a single person.  When I walked into the classroom the VERY first person who even spoke to me was Jimmy.  Jimmy said  with a big smile on his face  "Hey I'm Jimmy, what's your name "  and I told him and he was the first friend that I made.   Then , when I had to stand up and say my name , where I was from , and all about me, everyone was talking and Jimmy stood up  and said to everybody "now ya'll all be quit and listen to her I want to hear this she is new" the room got very quite. Then I made friends with everybody else.  I have had Art with Jimmy at Shady Grove and all at West , we also had other classes together.   I  love Jimmy so much and I will never forget him or never stop missing him.  He was sooo sweet.  He always had to be the laugh of the day.  He was always trying to make people laugh by telling jokes, and of corse we all did.  Jimmy was fair to everyone if somebody was mean to another person he would go over there and sit by them and say " It's ok , don't worry about " and start making them smile , which he could make anybody do. Jimmy was also very honost, sincere, trustworthy, religous and a christian ,funny, artistic, and very smart.  He loved art and school.  He was always ready to learn something new.  I  can not believe the tragedy that has happened to him and his friend ( Kevin).    Jimmy R.I.P. , love ya' always.
~I know I am a Babtist but I know Jimmy would want me to let everyone know he was one of Jehovah's Witnesses.  When Jimmy was 5 years old he learned a Bible scripture by heart. 
Revalation 21:3,4 was that verse and it also became one of his favorite verses of the bible.
                                       I love you Jimmy                              
                                     you are a true friend