Have you seen these??

When I was little(around 3), my parents bought me a stuffed Humpty Dumpty doll. Well, you know how everyone has a toy that they cherished when they were a child? This was mine. To this day I still have my Humpty Dumpty doll. Over the years I have come across 2 more of these dolls at the local flea market. I was lucky enough to buy one for 50 cents and the other for a dime! They were worthless to the guy I bought them from, but they were priceless to me for their sentimental value. Anyway, I was hoping that someone visting this webpage would recognize these dolls. The tag on them says that they were made by a company called PLAKIE TOYS. I'm assuming that this company no longer exists. The tag also says that they are called "The Legendary Cumfy Dumfy". If you have any info on where I could possibly find one of these dolls, or have one you would like to sell, please email me. Even if you have one and don't want to sell it, please email me because I would love to here when and where you got yours. Thanks for your help!

EMAIL me if you have info or would like to sell your Humpty Dumpty!

Here are a few pics of what these dolls look like:

I was able to find someone who sells dolls very similar to Humpty Dolls. Below are a few pictures:

Availiable at Honolulubabies.com
Availiable at Honolulubabies.com Availiable at Honolulubabies.com

If you are interested, I purchased some and the people are very friendly.
Click here to visit their website: Honolulubabies.com