My Diva Page
The Fabulous Susan Lucci / Erica Kane

Me and the one and only real and true LaLucci!

At the Brown Derby for Susan's breakfast party at Super Soaps Weekend 2001.

The best Diva on earth with me at Super Soaps Weekend, Susan Lucci....who made my dream come true when she invited me to the All My Children set at the ABC studios in New York!

I couldn't believe it when Susan took me into her dressing room and gave me special gifts!

This was my best birthday ever! Susan had 100 beautiful roses sent to me for my sweet 16th birthday.

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My All My Children Family

Me 'N Mark.... "Mark Consuelos / Mateo Santos of AMC and me"....

Hilarious Hayley.... "Kelly Ripa the funniest lady I know, love and admire".....

Jokin' Jack...."All My Children's Walt Willey with me"....

Cam's The Man!....My encounters with Cameron Mathison...."HUBBA-HUBBA."


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