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The Homer Shrine is a place where people can worship Homer in all of his grace.

HomerH Simpson

A man for all the people.

Donut-head Homer (From Halloween episode)


Homer was unfortunate to receive the curse that gave him the head of a donut. Here's another curse that Homer had to deal with in a Halloween episode.




Anyone who knows anything about Homer J. Simpson knows that one of his favorite things to do is drink beer. Whether it's a can of Duff on the couch, or a mug with the guys at the bar, Homer is one beer guzzling guy.

Homer sets Lisa straight about beer...


Yes, Homer is even in the dictionary. Is there anything he can't do?


Homer admires a dog's tail...


Homer may be moody, but we all love him anyway, huh? And he sure can sing!

Homer sings the Flinstones' theme song with a twist!