A Little Bit About Me
As I have said before, my name is Wes. I'm around 20 years old, male, and I am attending Shawnee State University (a small public college in southern Ohio). I am a physical therapy assistant major. I'm from a very small town in southern Ohio called Minford. I graduated from a public high school, yet I only graduated with 116 people. Hopefully, that will give you an idea of just how small my hometown is. I grew up watching the Dukes, and I was heartbroken when they cancelled the show. I am glad that TNN has brought it back, but, unfortunately, I am unable to get that channel so I rarely get to watch it. I seldom go into chat rooms, but when I do, I usually visit Town Talk in Talk City. My nick is usually Minford. I enjoy soccer and tennis, although I rarely get to play either. As far as watching sports goes, I like football, basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, etc. I enjoy all sorts of music from swing to rap. About the only thing that I don't like is bluegrass. Well, I think that about covers everything so I'll let you get back to the Dukes.