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The Skull Squadron is the most distinguished fighting squadron in the Robotech forces. Our pilots, technicians, & support crews are quite simply the best in the known universe. It is with great pride and distinction that we proudly display the black and white Jolly Roger insignia; let this site be a tribute to all current and former Skull Squadron members!

Fan Fiction UPDATE 05.14.03

The first installment of my new Robotech fanfic called "The Living Robotech" is now posted at Robotech.com! You can link directly to my fan fic by clicking the link below.

View Huntervf's fan fiction here

This is a multi-chapter story that takes a very unique view of Robotech. Set in "real life", the story is about a man who wakes up one morning to find the Robotech toys of his youth have become real. Read the 1st chapter and tell me what you think my emailing me at huntervf@yahoo.com

For all the latest news and information on the Robotech universe, go right to the soucre! Visit http://www.robotech.com for new toys, DVD's and all kinds of Robotech goodies!

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