Jughead Zone Effort of Creativity Awards


Ellen Awards Jughead the Creative Site Award for the time and effort he put into the creative ideas for his site.




Janis Hall Awards Jughead The Website Excellence Award for having a super interesting Website


 Connie of Connies Corner Awards Jughead the Great Site Award for the Time Effort & the great way He Designed His Own Website



Vicki Awards Jughead The Sailing Away Away for Great Web Design Work & Interesting Things She Enjoyed on His Website



Erica Award Jughead This Award of Excellence for a great site with great effort

Marie of Maries Background Awards Jughead the Originality Award for the Effort of the Original Creativity he did for his Website


Kellie Awards Jughead The Cabin Golden Daffodil Award for a Great Web Site she saw & enjoyed



Rena Awards Jughead The Award for Excellence for the effort & a very enjoyable visit to his site.





Rhonda Awards Jughead her Award of Excellence for a very nice entertaining site with very good design and a great place to visit.



Sandra Awards Jughead the Sandy Lane Award of Excellence for the effort he did on Great Information on his Jughead Zone Site.


Annette Awards Jughead The Shining Light Award for the effort and hard work that he has put into his page.


Missie Awards Jughead The Good Job Award for the time Effort and interesting pages of his Website.


Beth Johnstone Awards Jughead The Award of Excellence for the neat and interesting learning experience she had on his Website.



 Sherry Awards Jughead The Home Sweet Home Excellence Award for having an enjoyable site that made her feel at home.



Andrea Awards Jughead for an excellent site that she saw



Beckie Awards Jughead for courage & strength he did in getting his Site made



Teresa Awards Jughead The Award of Excellence for a great job and the effort he put into his website.

Larry & Diana Award Jughead this Coolsite Award for finding a great site in their internet surfing


Larry's Cool Site Award

Deanna of Deanna's Graphics Garden Awards Jughead the Coolsite Award for the cool effort he has put into that Jughead Zone Website

Linda of Life Simply Southern Awards Jughead the Award of Excellence for doing an excellent work of effortness on his website.


Donna Grayson Awards Jughead The Diamond Web Award for the hard work and effort he put into of making a great site for her to enjoy surfing at


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